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Most crawl space owners spend limited time inside their crawl spaces. So if you want to avoid costly damage from moisture, mold, and pests, we recommend regular crawl space inspections in Augusta. We also recommend getting inspections in a range of other circumstances, like if you’re selling or buying a home.

Wondering if your crawl space needs an inspection. Here’s a quick guide to help you find out.

What Does a Crawl Space Inspection in Augusta Cover?

What gets covered during a crawl space inspection depends on who’s performing the inspection. For example, some inspection companies in Augusta will only check for obvious signs of damage, and they’ll only provide a basic written report.

At Crawlspace Medic®, we take the opposite approach. Our technicians check every component of your crawl space and take meticulous notes of our findings. We also include photo documentation of our work, which can prove crucial for homeowner’s insurance claims.

During an inspection, we check structural components, including your foundation, to ensure they’re in good condition. We examine areas prone to moisture issues, pest damage, mold, and other common concerns. If your crawl space has an existing vapor barrier, we will check to make sure it’s in working condition.

Below are some of the problems we find in local crawl spaces:

When Does Crawl Space Inspection in Augusta Need to Happen?

Wondering when’s the right time to book a crawl space inspection? Here’s a quick guide for homeowners in Augusta:

  • Selling a Home. Have your crawl space inspected before you sell your home. If the buyer discovers crawl space issues when inspecting your home, that could derail the sale.
  • Buying a Home. Before you purchase a house in Augusta, you’ll want to make sure that the crawl space is in good condition.
  • Suspected Problems. If you suspect your crawl space is suffering from pests, mold, dry rot, or other problems, you’ll need an inspection to confirm your suspicions.
  • Annual Inspections. An annual inspection can help you catch signs of serious damage early, when problems cost less to fix.

Looking for crawl space inspection services in Augusta? Call Crawlspace Medic® today to get an estimate! Our inspection services are available throughout the Augusta area, including Forest Acres, Lexington, and other nearby communities.

Book a crawl space inspection in Augusta, SC today by calling Crawlspace Medic® at (706) 760-7616!

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