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Dry Rot in Augusta What It Is and How We Can Help

No matter how well-built your home is, the effects of time, weather, moisture, and other factors can always take their toll. But regular inspections can help you reduce or eliminate those problems, just like regular doctor’s visits can prevent small symptoms from becoming bigger health concerns. One potential problem for Augusta homeowners is dry rot. It doesn’t have to be stressful if you know how the damage is caused and what to do when you see it. From your friends at Crawlspace Medic®, here’s a quick primer on dealing with this problem.

What Causes Dry Rot in Augusta?

What is dry rot and how is it caused?

What is dry rot? It’s a kind of wood decay that occurs when certain strains of fungi grow in your home. These fungi consume the part of the wood that makes it durable, strong, and stiff, causing it to rot. In Augusta, dry rot grows rampant whenever there are damp, warm, and unventilated spaces. Left untreated, it can cause great damage to the substructure and timber of your home. Unfortunately, once it’s present, it can even spread through plaster, cement, and masonry, using its red spores to grow in new places.

What are the symptoms?

You might be able to spot it by the reddish, rust-colored spores or spore dust. If the fungi have matured, you might see white or gray fibers. Finally, you may also be able to spot the damage of dry rot from cracked, peeling, or shrinking in the timbers of your Augusta area home.

Dealing With Dry Rot Issues In Your Home in Augusta

Even for Augusta homeowners who don’t think you have rot, being proactive is a good way to help your home stay healthy:

Whether you live in Aiken, Edgefield or Augusta, get help with dry rot by calling Crawlspace Medic®: (706) 760-7616.