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If you live in Augusta, there’s a good chance your home has a crawl space foundation. In that case, your home needs a reliable vapor barrier.

Vapor barriers (also known as moisture barriers) prevent water vapor from entering your crawl space from the ground beneath your home in Augusta. This is typically done by installing a thin layer of plastic sheeting along the floor, as well as parts of the walls.

While a little bit of vapor may sound like no big deal, a crawl space without a moisture barrier can suffer serious problems. The more vapor in your crawl space, the more humid it becomes, and the more condensation builds up. This increases your crawl space’s risk of wood rot, black mold, and infestations from pests, including rodents and termites.

The good news? Crawlspace Medic® makes vapor barrier maintenance a breeze for homeowners in Augusta.

More About Our Vapor Barriers in Augusta

Our vapor barrier services cover everything you need to ensure your crawl space is protected against water vapor. These services include:

  • Crawl Space Inspections. If you’re concerned that an existing moisture barrier is in poor condition, we can provide you with a detailed crawl space inspection. We’ll check your barrier for signs of damage, and we’ll measure moisture levels to ensure they’re within a healthy range. This can help detect a compromised moisture barrier, even if it appears in good condition.
  • Vapor Barrier Installations. Whether you have a new home in Augusta in need of its first moisture barrier or need an old/damaged barrier replaced, Crawlspace Medic® has you covered. Unlike many competitors, we custom design each barrier we install and use sheeting that’s 67% thicker than standard. Each barrier we install also comes backed by a full warranty.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation. In some homes, a moisture barrier isn’t enough to control water vapor. In these cases, we often recommend an encapsulation system, which seals off the crawl space completely, including the ceiling. Typically, an encapsulation system also includes a dehumidifier to control moisture levels.

Crawlspace Medic Proudly Serves the Augusta Area

Crawlspace Medic® is locally owned, locally operated, and locally staffed. As longtime residents of the Augusta metro area, we know what local homeowners need for a healthy crawl space, and we take pride in making this possible for our clients.

Currently, our moisture barrier services are available to homeowners in the following communities, as well as surrounding areas.

  • Augusta
  • Evans
  • Aiken

Call Crawlspace Medic® at (706) 760-7616 today for vapor barrier services in Augusta.

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