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Dry Rot in Birmingham What It Is and How We Can Help

What is dry rot and how can it cause damage to your beautiful Birmingham area home? At Crawlspace Medic®, our specialists have crawled through countless miles of crawl spaces to inspect the wooden substructures of homes. While most homes are built to last, the effects of time, moisture, weather, and other factors eventually take their toll. This rot is just one of these unfortunate effects, but it can cause serious damage to your home. The good news is: like many home-related repairs, treat it fast enough and you can prevent more costly damage from occurring.

What Causes Dry Rot in the Birmingham Area?

What is dry rot and how is it caused?

It’s a myth that only older homes deal with this issue. Dry rot can happen in any Birmingham area home, which is why it’s important to understand how it happens. It’s a form of wood decay caused by certain strains of fungi. The term might be a bit confusing because this rot is typically caused by moisture plus lack of ventilation. This can cause strains of fungi to grow in the wooden substructure of your home. These fungi consume and weaken the wood from within. Unfortunately, the fungi can grow through concrete, plaster, and masonry, meaning it can spread to cause significant damage to the wood in your home.

What are the symptoms?

A few warning signs that your home in Birmingham has dry rot include: brittle or cracked wood, rust-colored spores or dust, or gray or white strands. However, the best way to tell if you have it is to consult an expert in Birmingham like Crawlspace Medic®.

Dealing with Dry Rot in Birmingham

For homeowners in Birmingham, Alabaster, Bessemer, Helena, Homewood, Hoover, Indian Springs, Irondale, Leeds, Meadow Brook, Mountain Brook, Pelham and Vestavia, Crawlspace Medic® can inspect your property for dry rot. It’s not always visible, so our team can perform thorough inspections to see if you have any within the substructure of your home. If it has gotten into the wood of your home, we can probe to determine the level of damage and arm you with the next steps. Often, wood will need to be removed and replaced. However, if further steps are necessary, we’ll let you know what further measures should be taken. Depending on the level of repairs, our specialists can typically help to treat the damage. Getting your home back to full health is what we’re here for.

To have Crawlspace Medic® inspect your Birmingham home for dry rot, just call (205) 987-2858 today.