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Moisture Remediation Moisture Control Under Your Home

The environment in your crawl space is crucially important. It helps regulate the atmosphere of everything above your subfloor. That’s why it’s necessary to control it with proper ventilation, ground covering and a moisture control system.

Typical solutions to moisture problems in your home include:

Expert Moisture Remediation for Your Crawl Space

Crawl Space Drainage

Typically signs of water in your crawl space or basement are standing or ponding water, water marks on foundation or basement walls, water on top of the moisture barrier and water marks or channels in the soil. These issues are fixed with the combination of a interior French drainage system and a sump pump. Our inspections locate the source of the water and offer custom solutions for getting it out and away from the home.

Moisture Barriers

A healthy crawl space has its wood moisture content levels well below 20%. Through our inspection of your crawl space, we can help determine how to achieve the correct level with the correct thickness barrier. Our moisture barriers are crisp and clean, making your crawl space look pristine while alleviating moisture. We typically install a 10 mil white polyethylene barrier that is taped along the overlapped seams and spiked to the ground. This type of installation allows for a continuous moisture barrier while keeping it in place.