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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Cleveland: How to Protect Your Home

For most residents of Cleveland, and the neighboring communities, their home is their most precious asset. However, it’s easy for key areas of a home, like the crawl space, to be overlooked. Despite its direct impact on a home’s overall health and stability, crawl spaces often remain out of sight and out of mind until problems arise….

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Ringgold

Your home’s crawl space can be a vulnerable area if it’s left unprotected. When moisture gets into your home’s crawl space, it can cause a long list of issues. Moisture can affect your home’s air quality, as well as compromise the structural integrity of your property. To ensure your home remains healthy and structurally sound over…

COVID-19 Response

During this unprecedented time, Crawlspace Medic continues to provide this essential service to keep you and your family healthy and safe. The health of our employees and your family is priority number one to us and so, we have enacted the following processes during our inspections and repair jobs: Inspections at your home: To eliminate…

Vapor Barriers in Cleveland

When moisture gets into your home’s crawl space, it can start degrading your house’s structural integrity and reduce the air quality in your home. Dealing with moisture in your crawl space can be difficult on your own, and DIY solutions can sometimes produce incomplete protection that can leave your home at risk. At Crawlspace Medic®, we…

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