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French Drain Installation What is it & What to Expect?

At Crawlspace Medic®, we know that homeownership comes with questions that you’ve never had to find answers to before. At our office in Chattanooga, we often get questions about French drain installation with homeowners wondering what it is and if they need one for their Chattanooga-area home.

When excess moisture gets under your home and stays there, it can quickly cause problems. From mold growth to wood rot, pest issues, and foundation damage, there are many reasons to deal with excess moisture before it does lasting damage to your home and to your home’s property value.

There are plenty of ways that excess moisture can get under your home, so there’s never really a one-size-fits-all solution to address it. A professional home inspection can usually help you understand how moisture might be getting under your home, and what your options are.

Why Do Chattanooga Area Homes Need A French Drain Installation?

Water isn't supposed to be in your crawl space

Because of our heavy rainfall, it’s good for homeowners in South Carolina to find ways to prevent flooding, water seepage, or other drainage issues. One solution for Chattanooga area families is an interior crawl space French drain installation.

French drains in your crawl space

A French drain—named after Henry French—funnels surface or groundwater away from your house. Interior French drains are installed in the crawl space and cannot be seen from the outside. A trench is dug against the interior foundation wall, slotted pipe is laid in the trench, and then the pipe is covered with gravel to filter out debris.

Water trickles into the trench, traveling through the gravel to reach the pipe. The drain empties into a sump pit at the lowest lying point in the crawl space. A sump pump is installed in this pit. The pump discharges the water a reasonable distance away from your home, so water can’t seep through the foundation and cause damage.

You may have heard this described as “weeping tile,” a “rock drain,” or by any number of other terms. The important thing to remember is that a French drain installation can provide good drainage for your Chattanooga area property.

Signs That Your Chattanooga Area Home Needs Proper Drainage

Now you know what a French drain installation is, so how do you know if your home in Chattanooga needs it? Luckily, experts in home inspection, like Crawlspace Medic®, can help you identify this. A home inspection can help you understand how to maintain and upkeep your property, where your problem areas are, and what next steps to take.

For property owners in Cleveland, Chattanooga, Ringgold and surrounding areas and the surrounding areas, a home inspection is a fast way to understand whether or not you need French drain installation. Here are a few signs to keep an eye out for, too:

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