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Why Choose Us

Honest and Dependable

We’re trained professionals that perform repairs in the crawl space.

  • Expert inspections not a sales call
  • Clear reports
  • Warranty on all work
  • Customized long term solutions
  • Long term maintenance plans
  • Full time employees


Our employees are background checked, trained and sensitive to the needed repairs in your home. As a Crawlspace Medic, our employees live up to the following expectations:

  • Be mindful of the yard, pets and home
  • No smoking on your property
  • Perform excellent repairs and provide qualifications on other concerns
  • Clean up after all jobs
  • Communicate with the office and you if there’s a change in the scope of work
  • Greet you when they arrive and when they are leaving

Keeping You In Mind

The health of your family and your home are a top priority. We understand this and that is why the services we offer are focused and specific. When problems arise, you can count on us to: Inspect, Repair and Maintain your crawl space.

We are committed to listening to you, respecting you, your family, your property and solving your problem that right way for the long term.