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Columbus Crawl Space Repair Services

Living in Columbus you are familiar with the phrase of “famously hot”.  With as hot as it gets in Columbus, it’s important not to let humidity or moisture into your crawl space. The health of your home relies on the wooden substructure of your crawl space, but its condition can change and suffer over the life of your home and time you are living in it. Structural aspects of the substructure include girders, sills, joists, subfloors, and piers.

Crawlspace Medic of Columbus provides long term repairs for any crawl space problems your home may have. Structural problems in your crawl space may include:

Whether you’ve neglected your crawlspace or you’re buying or selling a home, wood damage is common. Trust Crawlspace Medic of Columbus to provide long term solutions to your wood damage problems and repair your crawl space. We are experts at providing crawl space repair services to the Columbus, Ohio area.

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