Crawlspace Medic® makes crawl space repair and crawl space maintenance easy for families in Anderson, SC.

Your crawl space impacts the rest of your home in two important ways. First, it forms a critical part of your home’s structure. Damage to your crawl space, particularly if it’s allowed to spread, can result in serious damage to other parts of your home. Second, your crawl space can provide more than 50% of the air in your home. This means that any contaminants in your crawl space, such as black mold or pest droppings, will pollute the air breathed by your family.

With Crawlspace Medic®, you’ll be able to detect problems in your crawl space early — before they have the chance to get worse. We can also help you pinpoint vulnerabilities like poor drainage or excess water vapor, which put your crawl space at risk for serious damage. And if we find damaged areas in your crawl space, we can provide high-quality, long-lasting repairs to correct the issue.

Our Crawl Space Repair & Maintenance Services

At Crawl Space Medic®, we offer three categories of crawl space repair and maintenance services within the local area.

Our services begin with our crawl space inspections. You should have your crawl space inspected once a year, or any time you suspect problems in your crawl space. Our inspections are performed by trained technicians who will carefully survey your crawl space for potential issues, and each inspection is supported by a detailed written report and photo documentation.

If we detect drainage issues or high moisture levels during an inspection, we’ll recommend our moisture remediation services. These services include solutions like moisture barriers, crawl space encapsulation, and drainage systems. Unlike the cookie-cutter systems used by other installers, our solutions are custom-designed for every client. We also use higher-quality materials, including moisture barrier sheeting that’s 66% thicker than the minimum code requirement.

In crawl spaces with structural damage, we offer professional crawl space repairs. All repairs are performed by skilled tradespeople to an exceptional standard of workmanship. Our repair services cover replacement, reinforcement, or restoration of components such as girders, sills, joists, subfloor, and support piers.

Serving Families in Anderson, SC

Crawlspace Medic® is locally owned and operated, serving families in Anderson, SC and other parts of the Greenville metro area. Communities within our service area include:

  • Anderson
  • Greenville
  • Spartanburg
  • Clemson
  • And the surrounding areas

Schedule crawl space repair services in Anderson, SC by calling Crawlspace Medic® at (864) 478-8598!