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Crawl Space Services in Greenville

Our goal is to provide peace of mind.

Inspection Services

Think you have an issue in your crawl space? Buying or selling a house and found out you have an issue in the crawl space? Don’t want a sales call? That’s where we fit in. Our inspectors are focused on finding your specific issues and providing you with information on what should be fixed. They won’t bore you with a sales presentation or even tell you a cost. They’re simply there to collect information and give it to the local office, who can then handle a quote.


Moisture Remediation

When it rains, it pours. And when it rains a lot, water has the tendency to show itself in places you didn’t know it could. When water gets in your crawl space, it can cause a short or long term moisture issue, manifesting itself with fungal growth on your floor system, wreaking havoc on your insulation and ductwork and potentially, the health of the home. We analyze the source of the moisture and offer recommendations, such as vapor barriers, interior French drains, sump pumps, dehumidifiers and encapsulation systems. Our waterproofers are ready to get dirty and do the hard work to make sure your crawl space is moisture free.


Structural Repairs

Damaged wood in your crawl space can be very alarming to learn about, especially when you think everything is ok. Don’t fret. We can help. Our in-house and very skilled carpenters are capable of fixing the issues that your eager friend or DIY motor in you can’t do. When discovering wood rot in the crawl space, including dry rot, fungal damage, termite damage, water damage, or previous improper repairs, you want to make sure the people finding it and performing the repairs know what they are doing. We can confidently say, we do. Our structural carpenters floor joists, girders, band/foundation sills, masonry piers and subfloors. All to say, we understand building code, building science and your needs to make sure repairs or enhancements are done correctly and strengthens your home.