How Does Your Crawlspace Affect the Value of Your Home in Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA)

As homeowners in the beautiful state of Virginia, we all want to protect our property and make it last for as long as possible. Understanding the significance of your crawlspace or basement to your home’s health is crucial in maintaining its value.

We’ll delve into the three major reasons why a healthy crawlspace is essential to a healthy, valuable home.

Preserves Your Home Equity
Your crawlspace or basement, whichever you have, holds a significant portion of the structural integrity that keeps your home standing. If your crawlspace is suffering from structural damage, it can end up being a costly affair in the long run. Often referred to as the “silent killers” of homes, many homeowners don’t realize there’s an issue until they go to sell and are faced with not only the repair costs but also the amount of time it will take to fix everything.

Structural repairs can be some of the most substantial long-term causes of equity loss in a home. To protect your home’s value, have your crawlspace or basement inspected to ensure everything is secure and stable.

If you notice any signs of structural damage, it’s essential to get a professional to assess the situation and determine the best solution. Depending on the severity of the damage, they may suggest solutions such as underpinning, waterproofing, or floor joist repairs. A professional is best equipped to evaluate the situation and provide the right solution for your specific needs. Repair costs can quickly add up, so it’s important to address the problem as soon as possible to save money in the long run and maintain the value of your home.

Protects Your Home’s Most Valuable Systems
Your crawlspace or basement houses some of the most valuable systems that make your home operational. It contains your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. If your crawlspace is not in good condition or has a hostile environment, it can jeopardize these systems.

Whether they’re held improperly due to structural problems or if the humidity levels are too high, it can reduce the longevity of these systems. To make sure your home operates efficiently and remains comfortable, it’s vital to consider and inspect the health of your crawlspace.

It’s essential to check your crawlspace or basement’s environment regularly to ensure moisture levels are not too high, there are no structural issues, and the ventilation is working correctly. It’s also necessary to check for any pests or insects that may have infiltrated the space and are potentially damaging wiring or other components. Keeping your crawlspace or basement healthy and well-maintained can help extend the life of your home’s systems and improve its comfort and efficiency.

50-65% of Indoor Air Comes from the Crawlspace 
The value of your home lies in the comfort and enjoyment you find in it. Most people don’t realize that the air you breathe mostly comes from your crawlspace. If your crawlspace isn’t properly taken care of, it can bring in harmful and unclean air into the rest of your home.

The health and happiness of your family is of the utmost importance, and by having your crawlspace inspected and maintained, you can make it that much easier.

Your crawlspace or basement is one of the most crucial yet overlooked parts of your home. By ensuring it’s properly taken care of regularly, you can make your home more valuable and enjoyable for the years to come.
By avoiding having to replace expensive items in your home that may have been damaged due to poor air quality, you can save money in the long run.


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