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Tips for Crawl Space Termite Damage in Nashville Prevention and Identification

“Termite” is one of the nastiest words in the dictionary for anyone whose home has a crawl space. In , Nashville, TN, where crawl spaces are commonplace, homeowners dread termites like few other pests. The good news? Homeowners can be proactive about termite damage and infestations.

True, there’s no surefire way to prevent termite damage if you live in Nashville — save building your home without any wood or cellulose materials. But there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of an infestation and to identify damage early before it spreads.

Preventing Crawl Space Termite Damage in Nashville

It is practically impossible to seal off your crawl space and home from invading termites. Termites are simply too small, too crafty, and too talented at tunneling. What you can do, however, is make your crawl space less inviting for them.

Termites are attracted to moist and humid spaces. To them, a dry piece of wood is a tough and unappetizing meal. A wet piece of lumber, especially one that’s rotting, is another story. The lesson for homeowners is clear. Control the moisture and humidity in your crawl space as much as possible (possibly by installing a crawl space encapsulation system) and always keep an eye out for signs of puddling, flooding, leaks, or humidity.

Another tip: Don’t store paper or cardboard items in your crawl space. Termites will chew through paper products and other cellulose items in no time. They will end up acting as termite bait, increasing the likelihood of infestation.

Identifying Crawl Space Termite Damage in Nashville

When it comes to termite damage in Berry Hill, Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, or Nashville, the earlier you spot the damage, the better. To make that happen, you should inspect your crawl space in detail every six months. If you’re uneasy about doing this, or don’t have the time, you can schedule an inspection by the professionals at Crawlspace Medic® via our Nashville office.

As you inspect your crawl space in Nashville, you’ll want to check for the following signs of termite damage:

  • Mud tubes are the most common giveaway of a termite infestation. These could be attached to wooden structures or appear to be sprouting from the ground.
  • Termite wings, dead termites, and/or swarming termites are less commonly found during a preliminary inspection, but if they’re inside your crawl space, that’s a sure sign of infestation.
  • Termites usually hollow out the inside of wood, so visual signs of damage are usually minor, like small holes or flaking paint on wooden surfaces.
  • If you suspect a piece of wood has been hollowed out by termites, try knocking on it lightly with a screwdriver handle. If it’s damaged, it will make a hollow sound.
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Contact Your Termite Damage Repair Experts in Nashville

The minute that you identify or suspect damage from termites, it’s important that you call in the professionals to confirm the extent of the damage and fix it before it gets worse. For homeowners in Nashville, that means calling in the termite damage experts at Crawlspace Medic®. No matter how extensive the damage may be, we can help you restore your crawl space to good-as-new condition.

Call Crawlspace Medic® via our Nashville office at (615) 716-1213 today to schedule a termite damage consultation for your crawl space.