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Crawl Space Insulation, Raleigh, NC

Call us to inspect your home’s crawl space to determine if you could benefit from crawl space insulation.

Crawl Space Insulation in Raleigh, North Carolina Are the floors in your home freezing cold in the winter? If so, your Raleigh, North Carolina home could benefit from crawl space insulation. All too often, homeowners concern themselves only with attic insulation without considering the cold that can seep into the home from the frozen ground below. Here at Crawlspace Medic®, we have been offering crawl space services for many years and have the expertise to resolve a wide variety of issues, including structural damage, moisture issues, and the lack of proper insulation.

Crawl space insulation must be done with care to avoid exacerbating moisture issues. If your home’s crawl space is wet or having other issues such as a termite infestation, dry rot, or another problem, these must be resolved before proceeding with crawl space insulation. Our inspectors are focused on finding any issues and providing you with information on what needs to be repaired and why.

It might surprise you that issues in the crawl space can cause you more than cold feet. Humidity can cause everything from compromised indoor air quality to mold, as well as attract insects and cause wood to rot. When we are called to discuss crawl space insulation, we treat the crawl space in a comprehensive manner, so you are left with a space that does not compromise your family’s health or the structural integrity of your home.

As a general contractor, we are licensed to resolve any issue you might be having with your home’s crawl space. If you have any questions about crawl space insulation, we recommend calling us to schedule an inspection and consultation.