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Dry Rot Repair, Raleigh, NC

We offer efficient and effective dry rot repair services to avoid having the fungi that causes it to spread throughout the structure.

Dry Rot Repair, Raleigh, North Carolina
At Crawlspace Medic®, our services in the Raleigh, North Carolina area fall under three classifications: inspections, moisture remediation, and structural repairs. The goal is to either give you peace of mind that your home’s crawl space is in good condition or resolve any problems that could put you, your family, or your home at risk. One of the issues we sometimes find that can be alarming is dry rot, but we offer dry rot repair services to take care of the problem and make your home safe and structurally sound again.

Dry rot is one of those things that is inappropriately named because the wood decaying fungi, called Serpula Lacrymans, that causes the condition requires a moist environment to thrive. That is why the best way to prevent dry rot and the necessity of dry rot repair services is to maintain a dry crawl space with a proper ventilation, properly installed moisture barrier and bi-yearly inspections of the overall wood moisture content levels.

Dry rot repair involves removing and replacing any affected wood framing materials. Pressure-treated lumber should be used as it is less vulnerable to dry rot in moist conditions. A fungicide can also be applied throughout the area to reduce the likelihood of more dry rot, but this step is not a substitute for resolving the wet conditions, which we can also handle with our moisture remediation services.

One of the questions we get asked is whether dry rot repair is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Since dry rot is most commonly related to ineffectual home maintenance, rather than as a direct result of a covered loss, such as flooding, it is not generally covered by insurance.

It is important to take care of dry rot as soon as it is found, as the fungi can quickly spread throughout a structure and cause major structural problems. Contact us today to have your home inspected to learn if dry rot repair is needed or give you peace of mind your home is in good shape.