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Encapsulated Crawl Spaces 5 Benefits of an Encapsulated Crawl Space

Crawl space encapsulation systems are an increasingly popular option for controlling moisture in crawl spaces. Having your crawl space encapsulated requires the installation of special barrier, which is used to seal your crawl space’s floor, vents and, if necessary, walls and piers. All encapsulation systems should contain a crawl space dehumidifier, which keeps moisture at a healthy level within your crawl space.

Advantages of an Encapsulated Crawl Space

Improved Air Quality

More than half of all the air in your home comes from your crawl space. If air quality in your crawl space is poor, the air quality inside your home will be too. By controlling moisture levels, an encapsulated crawl space can significantly improve indoor air quality.

Lower Risk of Mold

Mold and other fungi thrive in dark, moist environments. It’s little surprise, then, that many crawl spaces in Richmond are filled with mold. But with an encapsulation system, mold doesn’t have the moisture it needs to grow.

Fewer Household Pests

Like mold, many insects are drawn to dark and damp spaces. Some of these insects are pests that will enter your home, while others — like termites — will start by infesting your crawl space. An encapsulated crawl space can keep these pests at bay.

Reduced Structural Risks

Moisture is a common cause of structural damage, causing wood and other materials to warp, shift, or rot. Mold and insects can also result in structural damage. An encapsulation system can therefore extend the life of your crawl space.

Better Energy Efficiency

Many crawl space encapsulation systems improve energy efficiency, providing better insulation beneath your home. This makes it easy to keep your home at a stable temperature, and it reduces energy expenses.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Richmond VA

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