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Why Richmond Area Crawl Spaces Need a Vapor Barrier Prevent Moisture in Crawl Space

Most crawl space problems — including rot, mold, and pest infestations — can be traced to excess moisture. In crawl spaces, moisture often comes in the form of vapor. For crawl spaces in moist and humid climates like Richmond VA, this makes a vapor barrier a must-have feature.

Vapor barriers, sometimes called “moisture barriers,” are typically made of a sheet of thin plastic. This plastic sheeting is used to line the floor and part of the walls in your crawl space in Richmond. With proper installation, the barrier will control moisture levels in your crawl space by blocking water vapor from the ground beneath your home.

If your crawl space doesn’t have a moisture barrier in place, or if you think that your current barrier isn’t doing a good enough job, the team at Crawlspace Medic® can help. We offer vapor barrier installation services throughout the Richmond metro area, as well as crawl space inspections to help homeowners diagnose the cause of high moisture levels.

Control Moisture Levels with a Vapor Barrier in Richmond

In crawl spaces with high moisture levels, the issue is typically caused by water vapor. Moisture in the soil underneath your home evaporates, releasing water vapor into your crawl space. Once the vapor is inside your crawl space, it may revert to liquid form through condensation, or it may contribute to high humidity levels.

Moisture from water vapor is associated with several types of crawl space damage and crawl space health concerns, including:

  • Water damage
  • Rotted wood
  • Rusted pipes and hardware
  • Damage to crawlspace walls
  • Mold infestations
  • Termite infestations
  • Pest infestations

An effective barrier will control moisture levels within your crawl space, reducing the risk of moisture-related damage and infestation. Given the moist and humid conditions in the local area, it’s important that all crawl spaces have a barrier in place. It’s also important that homeowners make sure that older moisture barriers remain effective. If a barrier is too thin, or if it suffers from wear and tear, it may no longer be effective and will need to be replaced.

Vapor Barrier Installation in Richmond VA

If you require a vapor barrier installation within the greater Richmond area, the team at Crawlspace Medic® can provide you with a strong and long-lasting moisture barrier. Our moisture barrier installation services typically include installation of a 10 mil-thick barrier. Our barriers are made of durable polyethylene, and they are 67% thicker than standard, 6 mil-thick barriers. This ensures adequate moisture control, even in moist areas, as well as wear-and-tear resistance.

Most barrier installations do not include seams to be taped which can lead to the installation not being up to code*. The minimum thickness for a moisture barrier is 6 mil, however, this type of barrier will struggle with high vapor levels and leave it vulnerable to wear and tear over time. That’s why we use a 10 mil vapor barrier.

Contact Your Vapor Barrier Installation Experts in Richmond

Our vapor barrier installation and crawl space inspection services at Crawlspace Medic® are provided throughout the Richmond, VA metro area, as well as in nearby cities and towns such as Ashland, Mechanicsville, Short Pump, Glen Allen, Henrico, Midlothian, Brandermill, Chesterfield and Chester.

Learn more about our vapor barrier installation services at Crawlspace Medic® by calling our Richmond office at (804) 799-9252.