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Structural Repair Wood Repairs for Underneath Your Home

The wooden substructure of your home is meant to be permanently in good condition through the life of a house. Unfortunately, a lot can change since the time the home was built and during the time you may be living in it. The wooden substructure consists of girders, sills, joists, subfloors and piers. All of these structural aspects can experience change over time.

If you’ve neglected to have your crawl space inspected, or you’re buying/selling a house, or refinancing a mortgage, you may come across wood damage, as described in the list below. Rest assured, we are capable of offering a solution that will repair your damaged wood and have it be performed as Licensed Contractors.

Expert Structural Repairs for Your Crawl Space

Termite Damage

Termites cause over $5 billion a year in damage to homes. Without treatment, prevention or deterrents, termites can be present in your crawl space for years without knowing it. The wooden substructure of your home can be compromised from termite damage and should be repaired by crawl space carpenters. We provide a professional inspection of termite damage and expert repairs to termite damaged girders, sills, and joists.

Water Damage

Leaking pipes, wood framing adjacent to decks or front/rear doors, can all be damaged from water. Without proper observation of these areas, water can penetrate your wooden substructure and begin to rot away its integrity. Our crawl space inspections look for obvious areas of water damage (under front/rear entry doors, foundation wood near to the ground, water/sewer lines). Repairs to these areas should be performed by our Crawlspace Medic skilled carpenters.

Dry Rot

Both dry rot and fungal decay are the result of high moisture in the crawl space. The installation and maintenance of a proper vapor barrier is necessary to keep moisture from causing damage, such as dry rot or fungal growth, in the crawl space. Once dry rot or fungal damage sets in, the wood is damaged and needs to be removed and replaced. We provide expert inspections that help with identifying dry rot, wood rot and fungal damage in the crawl space and expert repairs in damaged areas.

Leaking Shower Pan / Bathroom and Kitchen Floors

Leaking water from your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room floors seem obvious areas to inspect but homeowners neglect these areas. The sub flooring around your shower pan, bath tubs, toilets and sinks can be damaged from short and long term exposure to a leak. A Crawlspace Medic inspection includes reviewing these areas and providing an expert scope of work for proper repairs. We offer customized and turnkey solutions for replacement of damage underneath any finished flooring.

Improper Framing and Repairs

Crawl space carpentry work is meant for professional and skilled carpenters. When handyman, family members or less skilled professionals perform crawl space carpentry work, it could compromise the structural integrity of your home and cost you more money in the future. Improper repairs/framing cost time and money to homeowners, which is why as Licensed Contractors, our work is performed by skilled carpenters that understand repairs

Sloping or Bouncy Floors (Masonry Piers)

Floor systems begin to fail over time or from damage. You may experience bouncy or sloping floors in the middle of rooms or near walls. With a Crawlspace Medic inspection, we can evaluate the cause of the bouncy/sloping floor and offer a professional scope of work to install permanent drop girders, repairs to damaged wood and additional supports to correct the problem.