Energy Saving Tips: A Look at Crawl Spaces

In your home, 10 percent of the heat loss in your home is lost through the flooring. However, properly insulating and sealing your crawl space can prevent this and will make your home more energy-efficient.

Having an energy-efficient house can lower your energy bills, along with many other benefits. However, many people don’t know how they can improve the energy efficiency in their homes. Do you wonder, “How to make my home more energy efficient?”

If so, keep reading our energy saving tips for your crawl spaces!

What is a Crawl Space?

A crawl space is a space between the ground and the first level of your home. It acts as a buffer and is generally just a dirt floor. Sometimes these crawl spaces can be quite spacious, but most often there are only big enough for you to crawl through. 

As of 2022, about 10 percent of homes had a crawl space. 

Many homes have a crawl space because it is less expensive than laying a concrete foundation. Plus, having a crawl space provides an easy way to access HVAC systems and pipes in your home. 

Crawl Space and Energy Efficiency

If your crawl space is not properly insulated, it can severely affect the energy efficiency of your home. If you are wondering how to lower your energy bills and begin saving energy, you should take a look at your crawl space!

If your dirt crawl space isn’t insulated correctly, a home can suck the water vapor from the dirt and allows it to enter your home. 

Because your crawl space affects your energy efficiency so much, it is important to follow some steps to make them more energy efficient! These steps can keep out moisture, keep your floors cooler, and can make it easier to heat and cool your home!

This means that it will cost less to regulate the temperature of your home. 

Energy Efficient Home: Crawl Space Tips

Now that you know how much your crawl space affects the energy efficiency of your whole home, it is time to take steps to improve it! Here are some of the easiest energy-efficient home improvements you can make to your crawl space.

Keep Moisture Out

One of the most important ways you can make your crawl space more efficient is by preventing moisture from getting inside. 

There are many ways you can keep moisture out of your crawl space. First, it is important to block any water that could find its way inside. This includes leaks, humidity, and even water vapor. 

As was mentioned before, your home can essentially suck up water vapor from the dirt in your crawl space. To prevent this from happening, you can invest in a vapor barrier. 

This is a plastic barrier that can keep water from getting into the air of the crawl space. This can prevent your crawl space from getting too humid, growing mold, or attracting insects and pests!

Insulate The Access Door

Next, you want to make sure your access door is insulated. Just as you would properly insulate any other door in your home, you want to make sure it is airtight and is able to easily regulate the temperature. 

This can also prevent any moisture from getting into your crawl space and will keep insects out. Having a good seal is necessary to make your crawl space more energy efficient!

Insulate and Seal Ducts

As was mentioned before, crawl spaces often have access to pipes, HVAC systems, and air ducts. If your air ducts have any holes or leaks, they can severely decrease the energy efficiency of your home. 

This is because the air that is being used to heat or cool your home can leak into your crawl space rather than your home. It also means that cold air from below your house can seep into your home. 

This will make it much harder to regulate the temperature of your home and can greatly increase your energy bills. 

To prevent this, make sure you properly seal and insulate your air ducts! If you are unsure of how to seal your air ducts, you can find duct wrap products that are meant to help with this problem. You can also find a professional company to come and take a look at your crawl space as well!

Use a Dehumidifier

It is also important to make sure the air below your home isn’t too humid. As was mentioned above, your home can suck the moisture through the earth and can affect the temperature and your energy levels. If you use a dehumidifier in your crawl space, you can control the climate of your crawl space. 

It will remove the moisture from the air and can prevent issues like mold, mildew, and other issues with your insulation!

How to Make My Home More Energy Efficient: Invest in Your Crawl Space

Are you still wondering “How to make my home more energy efficient?” Investing in your crawl space is one of the easiest ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. In fact, buying insulation is a great investment as it will save you more money in the long run.

If you have a crawl space and don’t know how to make the necessary changes, you can find help from a professional company! Crawl Space Medic is a company that can repair your crawl space and offers basement moisture control services.

If you are interested in learning more about our services or want to schedule a crawl space inspection, contact our team today!


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