Crawl Space Mold Remediation Services

Protect your crawl space from moisture & mold.

We can help control moisture and mold under your house by preventing active fungal growth in your crawl space.

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Crawl Space Mold Remediation

Yellow, White, or Black Mold in Your Crawl Space?

One of the most serious effects of a crawl space on your home’s air quality is the formation of mold. This happens when air and moisture find their way in. Since the crawl space is dark and damp, it presents a perfect environment for mold growth.

It’s meaningless to ignore or cover up a mold problem. You’re simply allowing it to grow and potentially harm your health. Our mold remediation not only kills the mold, but prevents it from growing again.

Video: How to Prevent Crawl Space Fungus

What's Happening Under Your Home?

inspector evaluating wood moisture content in a crawl space

Crawl Space Humidity

Without proper waterproofing and preventative measures, your crawl space can become incredibly humid. This causes many issues including wood rot, mold, water build up, termites, and more.

crawl space moisture reading

Crawl Space Moisture

Crawl space humidity control is a must for a healthy home. We take a thorough approach to crawl space waterproofing. We offer a variety of treatments including a crawl space dehumidifier with pump, crawl space vapor barrier, and more to prevent moisture build up in your crawl space.

black mold growth in a crawl space

Mold & Fungal Growth in your Crawl Space

Signs of mold in your crawl space or basement? Crawl space mold remediation is implemented to stop & prevent future growth of mold under your home. At Crawlspace Medic we not only treat existing mold, but we also prevent future growth.

Steve with Crawl Space Medic was fantastic! He was punctual, spent quality time explaining the issue with my crawl space and how the repair process works. I needed fungus treatment, crawl space encapsulation, new insulation and a dehumidifier. Reasonably priced and professional! Highly recommend Steve and his team of experts.
Crawlspace Medic of Richmond returned my calls promptly. They were able to come out to look at my crawlspace the next day. Eric Gibson was very professional. He was very thorough and took pictures of the issue. It turns out the the crawlspace itself is not causing my problem, so I did not end up using the service. Eric was straightforward and did not try to upsell me on anything. There was no charge for the visit. It was, all in all, a pleasant experience.
We used Crawl Space Medic for some repairs and maintenance. They replaced the crawl space encapsulation, repaired foundation vents, and replaced our crawl space door. I liked that I didn’t feel as though they were selling me down the river with products or services that we did not need – we told them what we were looking for and they told us how to make it happen. Any issues we had, Steve and Greg were prompt to address. They value customer service and overall, we were very satisfied with their work.

Why is crawl space moisture control important?

Without crawl space waterproofing and remediation, moisture can cause fungal growth that can lead to structural problems and deterioration of your home’s indoor air quality.

Our professional inspectors will assess the environment of your crawl space and offer the best solution for long term health.

mold on crawl space support beams

Stop dealing with moisture and mold under your home.

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