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Benefits of a Home Inspection

Why Do I Need A
Crawl Space Inspection?

Do you have crawl space problems? Are you buying or selling a house with crawl space problems? That is where Crawlspace Medic fits in. Our expert inspectors are focused on finding your specific issues and providing you with information on what should be fixed, without those predatory sales tactics.

Symptoms of problems in your crawl space can include: Musty smell, cupping or sloping finished flooring, poor indoor air quality, and doors sticking.

If you’re buying or selling a house, getting a home crawl space inspection can save everyone from a lot of heartache further down the line. Our crawl space inspectors can provide comprehensive crawl space assessments on fast turnarounds, so you don’t have to compromise your timelines.

Maybe a technician made an offhand comment about issues in your crawl space, or you’ve seen pests scurrying in and out of it, or your home isn’t retaining heat like it used to. Whatever the issue, our team can inspect your crawl space, identify any issues, and provide timely and cost-effective repairs.

If it’s been more than three years since your last home inspection, it might be time to consider getting another one. Like a doctor’s checkup, inspections can help you spot problem areas and correct them before you’re dealing with expensive repairs or renovations.

Expert Crawl Space Inspectors

If you’ve been putting off a home crawl space inspection, don’t prolong the inevitable! 

A crawl space or home inspection is always for your benefit, so you can find out if your house is harboring any unforeseen issues. 

At Crawlspace Medic®, our services can assist you in making repairs quickly, before the problem gets out of hand.


Our combined experience results in decades’ worth of expertise and insights that we bring to home repair and home safety.

Licensed & Insured

Our inspectors are licensed and insured, which means that we’ll complete work carefully and safely.


Our inspectors pride themselves on their timeliness. We can also work on tight timelines to deliver extremely detailed results.

Competitive Pricing

Our relationship with vendors gives you transparent and competitive pricing. That’s why realtors love us.

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Moisture and Structural Issues in crawl spaces exists nationwide. We have grown to meet this need, so we can help families and homeowners nationwide.

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