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At Crawlspace Medic® and Basement Pros, protecting your investment and family from moisture and mold is our top priority.

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Control moisture IN YOUR BASEMENT

Basement Waterproofing Systems

Basement Sub Slab Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are used to support your basement drain systems. They can protect your property from flooding and excess water build-up by mechanically removing the water out of your basement promptly. The basement slab would be cut to the size of the sump pump basin, where the sump pump would be installed and properly discharged to the exterior. If needed, the basin can have a lid along with an upgrade to a battery backup system.

Basement Sub Slab Interior Drains

Sub-slab interior drains might be an option for your home if you have higher than normal waterproofing needs. It is one of the more invasive installation services but will be a great added benefit to your basement. The process involves breaking through, removing, and exposing the footer along the foundation wall of your home, to install a proper drainage system. This will collect the water at the most likely area, under and around the footer, and take it to the sump pump. After the drain system is installed, a concrete patch may be placed on top of the drain system to create a finished look for the concrete floor.

Basement Wall Waterproofing

Dimple boards are an effective way to prevent excess moisture from passing through your basement walls. They have “dimples” that capture the water and moisture that may seep through the wall and run it into the drain system on the floor. Installing this can save years on your basement walls. Dimple boards integrate into your existing drain system through the slab installation. The height of installation will depend on the job situation such as exterior grading and other issues. This is a great solution if you plan to finish your basement by protecting finished materials against a wet basement wall.

Permanent Basement Dehumidifiers

At Crawlspace Medic and Basement Pros, we use a permanent dehumidifier system from Sante Fe to provide humidity control in your basement. Regardless if you have a waterproofing system or not, the addition of a dehumidifier in your basement will reduce musty odors and dampness in your basement. A reduction of humidity will protect stored items and keep the basement air dryer.

What's causing that funny smell in your Basement?

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Water in basement

Leaky basement? Basement humidity control is a must for a healthy home. We take a thorough approach to basement waterproofing. We offer a variety of treatments including basement dehumidifier, sump pump installation, basement vapor barriers, and more to prevent moisture build up in basement.

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Mold in basement

Signs of mold in your basement? Basement mold remediation and is implemented to stop & prevent future growth of mold under your home. At Crawlspace Medic and Basement Pros we not only treat existing mold, but we also prevent future growth. That's why we're the basement & crawl space humidity control experts.

What Our Customers Say...

“We were referred to Crawlspace Medic by friends for some drainage issues around our home that was contributing to a leaking basement. Brice was quick to respond in a professional, courteous manner. The communication has been excellent. I’m impressed by their level of expertise and genuine concern over solving our water drainage issues.
Robert H.
Louisville KY
John came out and and took a look at our basement. Had some great ideas on how to reduce the huge amount of moisture we had. Great to work with and they really know their stuff.
Erik L.
Roanoke VA
I have nothing but good things to say about this company. If you have any crawl space or basement issues they will get you all fixed up!
Andy M
Birmingham AL

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