Basement Waterproofing Systems

Protect Your Basement from Heavy Rain & Moisture Damage

At Crawlspace Medic we are committed to providing not only high quality work, but an unrivaled level of service to our basement waterproofing customers.

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At Crawlspace Medic® and Basement Pros, protecting your investment and family from moisture and mold is our top priority.

Our team of basement pros will come to your home and provide a photo documented evaluation of your basement at no cost to you.

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About Basement Water:

Some of the most common sources of water in your basement are poorly installed soil and drainage systems, inadequate gutters, incorrect slope in your yard, basement cracks, hydrostatic pressure, and condensation. Intrusion occurs at or along the foundation walls of the home. If water has nowhere to drain to, then standing water will occur, causing moisture to rise and be embedded into the floor structure of the home and the entire basement area will be damp.

The root cause of dampness in your basement is frequently to do with drainage issues. The Crawlspace Medic Drain System is installed near the foundation footer of the home to help collect water, which falls into the drain and is carried to a sump pump pit. With proper pitch and depth, the trench will carry the water to the lowest point of the basement, terminating into a sump pump pit, with a sump pump installed to discharge the water out of the basement.

Water in Basement

Leaky basement? Basement humidity control is a must for a healthy home. We take a thorough approach to basement waterproofing. We offer a variety of treatments including basement dehumidifier, sump pump installation, basement vapor barriers, and more to prevent moisture build up in basement.

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Mold in Basement

Signs of mold in your basement? Basement mold remediation is implemented to stop & prevent future growth of mold under your home. At Crawlspace Medic and Basement Pros we not only treat existing mold, but we also prevent future growth. That’s why we’re the basement & crawl space humidity control experts.

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Control moisture in your Basement

Basement Waterproofing Systems

Basement Waterproofing Case Study

Check out this case study of a basement waterproofing job our Richmond Crawlspace Medic team performed to see a step-by-step view of our Basement Waterpoofing Systems.

We were referred to Crawlspace Medic by friends for some drainage issues around our home that was contributing to a leaking basement. Brice was quick to respond in a professional, courteous manner. The communication has been excellent. I’m impressed by their level of expertise and genuine concern over solving our water drainage issues.
John came out and and took a look at our basement. Had some great ideas on how to reduce the huge amount of moisture we had. Great to work with and they really know their stuff.
I have nothing but good things to say about this company. If you have any crawl space or basement issues they will get you all fixed up!

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We're partnered with EnerBankUSA to offer simple financing that fits your needs.

We offer multiple loan options in order to ensure we can complete the work you need to protect your family and investment without breaking the bank.

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Moisture and Structural Issues in basements exist nationwide. We have grown to meet this need, so we can help families and homeowners nationwide.

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