Our Medics are On-Time, Low Pressure, and Know Their Stuff.

Skip the Sales Call

Our crawl space and basement experts don’t waste your time with sales calls or missed appointments. We are here to provide excellent and honest service to all of our customers. Even if we don’t do business we want you happy with your inspection process and walk away more informed about your home.

  • Expert inspections not a sales call
  • Clear reports
  • Warranty on all work
  • Customized long term solutions
  • Long term maintenance plans
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Our combined experience results in decades’ worth of expertise and insights that we bring to home repair and home safety.

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Licensed & Insured

Our inspectors are licensed and insured, which means that we’ll complete work carefully and safely.

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Our inspectors pride themselves on their timeliness. We can also work on tight timelines to deliver extremely detailed results.

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Competitive Pricing

Our relationship with vendors gives you transparent and competitive pricing. That’s why realtors love us.


Locally Owned Franchises

Crawlspace Medic® operates in a part of the Home-Improvement and Home-Repair Industries that is underserved but rapidly growing. With millions of homes and businesses built each and every year on crawlspaces and basements, we offer Franchise Owners the potential for unlimited growth and success.


Ensure the health of your family & protect your investment.

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