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Standing water can compromise the health of your home.

One of the worst moments as a homeowner is finding water in your basement or crawl space. And flooding, water seepage, leaks, and high moisture levels are risks that all homeowners dread.

That’s why Crawlspace Medic offers a range of services like French drains to prevent and remediate crawl space and basement water problems. With your home’s crawl space or basement secure, you can face the future with confidence.

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The Crawlspace Medic technicians did a thorough inspection and give a detailed report of what was need to rehab my crawlspace and repair the standing water there. Their estimate for repair was reasonable and the technicians were prompt, thorough, professional and friendly. I’m completely satisfied with my new neat, clean and dry crawlspace, so far. Thank you for a job well done.
Crawl space Medic did a great job on our crawl space! Very professional, prompt, and we were able to see a drastic drop in the humidity under the house in a very short time! They even returned several times after completion of their work, to check on the water/humidity. Highly recommend!
The amount of work they put in to my crawlspace was excellent and worth every penny spent. Between removal of everything and install of the support beam, concrete pads, new insulation and vapor barrier and surprise work with replacement of some actually floor joists and broken pipes I can’t recommend these guys enough.



What is a French drain system and how does it get water out from under your house? It may sound fancy, but it’s basically a trench full of gravel that keeps your crawlspace and basement dry during heavy rains.

A French drain (named after Henry French) directs surface or groundwater away from your home’s foundation, using a trench, pipe, and sump pump. You may have also heard it referred to as a “weeping tile” or a “rock drain.”

Just like gutters collect water from the roof and direct it away from your home, French drains collect and divert rainwater at the ground level.

French drains are installed inside your crawl space or basement, so they’re not visible or accessible from the outside of your home.

There are plenty of articles and videos explaining how to DIY French drains and other drainage remedies. But is this something that you really should take on yourself? From choosing the wrong type of rocks to using the wrong type of fabric to sloping the pipes incorrectly, there are plenty of mistakes you can make when installing a French drain.

Or maybe you hired another French drain contractor who made the mistakes–we’re ready to come put things right so you can be confident that the job is done correctly.

New construction includes some kind of French drain installation or another water drainage method. Whether your drain needs repair or you live in an older home that needs new French drain installation, keeping your drainage system repaired and maintained is crucial for the safety of your home and your investment.


French drains and sump pumps actually go hand-in-hand. French drains prevent water from pooling around your house and sump pumps release the water into your yard, far enough away from your house that the water drains properly.

Sump pumps also work along with exterior drain tiles and floor drains, keeping your basement or crawl space free from water during heavy rainstorms.

Drainage issues under your home? We got you.

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