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Crawl Space Inspections

Think you have an issue in your crawl space? Buying or selling a house and found out you have an issue in the crawl space? Don’t want a sales call? That’s where we fit in.

Basement & Crawl Space Moisture Remediation

When it rains, it pours. And when it rains a lot, water has the tendency to show itself in places you didn’t know it could. We analyze the source of the moisture and offer long term solutions.

Interior French Drain

Help with standing water issues by installing an interior french drain.

Sump Pumps

Ground water can be a mess. Sometimes, you can alleviate these issues with the installation of a sump pump.

Dehumidifier Humidity Control

In the south eastern united states humidity can wreak havoc on a home. Protect your investment by taking control.


Stop the issue of water in your basement or crawl space before it starts with our water proofing techniques.

Moisture & Vapor Barriers

It’s important that crawl spaces in humid areas have an effective moisture barrier in place.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Improve the air quality of your home and reduce pests with crawl space encapsulation.

There's a reason we're the trusted crawl space company.

Find a Crawl Space Expert Near You

Moisture and Structural Issues in crawl spaces exists nationwide. We have grown to meet this need, so we can help families and homeowners nationwide.

Basement & Crawl Space Structural Repairs

When discovering wood damage in the crawl space, including dry rot, fungal damage, termite damage, water damage, or previous improper repairs, you want to make sure the people evaluating it and performing the repairs are experts. We can confidently say, we are.

Framing Repair

Don’t let the backbone of your home slip away. Our technicians can resolve any framing issues in your crawl space or basement.

Water Damage

Water can be destroy your investment. We can restore your crawl space or basement from issues related to water damage.

Masonry & Post Piers

The integrity of your home is based around your foundation. Don’t let faulty or damaged masonry or post piers get the best of you.

Dry Rot Repair

Years of moisture issues can cause the wood underneath your home to decay. Our crawl space and basement technicians are equipped to repair such damage.

Drop Girder Installation

Drop girders must be positioned and correctly to prevent a slew of issues. Let our qualified medics ensure the structural integrity of your home.

Termite Damage Repair

A home owners worst nightmare. Termites. We are well equipped to repair or replace the wood under your home effected by these nasty pests.


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