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Will Insurance Cover the cost of Encapsulation?

This is a hot topic in crawl space repair! In most cases, insurance companies won’t cover the encapsulation cost unless your crawl space had been …

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HVAC duct in a crawl space
Guest Blog

Why Are My HVAC Ducts Sweating?

Most of us know very well how crucial your home’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems and ducts are in maintaining indoor comfort, especially in hot summer months!

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dehumidifier in a crawl space
Home Air Quality

Understanding the Stack Effect

The “Stack Effect”, or “Chimney Effect” as you may have heard it called, sounds confusing; but it’s really all about how the air flows throughout …

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history of crawl space construction
Crawl Space

Encapsulated vs. Ventilated Crawl Spaces: A Comprehensive Guide

This article was written by our team at Crawlspace Medic of the Upstate in Greenville, SC. The health of your home’s crawl space plays a …

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wood moisture meter

What are Acceptable Moisture Levels in Wood?

What is Wood Moisture Content? Wood Moisture Content (or WMC) is the weight of water expressed as a percentage of dry weight of wood. It …

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water issues in a crawl space
Crawl Space

How Water and Moisture Enter your Crawl Space

How Does Moisture get into the Crawl Space? Having a vapor or moisture barrier in the crawl space is essential to maintain a healthy crawl …

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basement sump pump pit installation

Looking to Waterproof your Basement? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Basement waterproofing is the process of making your basement resistant to water or moisture to prevent structural damage to your property. Basement waterproofing is an …

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crawlspace medic tech working on a crawl space vent
Crawl Space

6 Common Questions Homeowners Ask About Crawl Spaces

At Crawlspace Medic, we often find homeowners asking the same questions about their crawl spaces in the field, over the phone, and online. Check out …

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crawl space encapsulation in progress
Crawl Space

Crawl Space Encapsulation Guide

Crawl space encapsulation is a technique that involves sealing off your crawl space to prevent moisture and other harmful elements from entering your home. This …

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Signs You Need Professional Crawl Space Repair

If you own a home, it’s important to check your crawl space regularly for signs of damage or disrepair. A poorly maintained crawl space can …

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how weather impacts your crawl space
Crawl Space

How Weather Impacts Your Crawl Space

The Southern United States can have some of the most beautiful seasonal weather. Winters are mild and summers are warm. As you enjoy your home, …

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about crawlspace medic - truck
Crawl Space

About Crawlspace Medic’s Services

Welcome to the blog of Crawlspace Medic, America’s go-to crawl space repair and restoration experts! We’re excited you’re here to learn more about the importance …

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