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Crawlspace Medic has been focused on services for real estate agents since day 1. We make the process quick & easy.

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  • FREE Estimate on repairs conveyed on inspection report
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  • Receive reports & estimates by 12:00 p.m. the next business day.

  • We are licensed contractors.

  • Our clear inspection reports include: summary, pictures, scope of work at a very fair price.

  • No commissioned sales staff are involved.

  • One year warranty on all repairs.

  • Warranty transfers in your real estate transaction.

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Our clients love working with us as much as we love serving them.

Everything about this company is professional. They inspected my crawlspace, took pictures and video, explained everything I needed, and then provided me with a menu of options to choose from. Once I did that, they scheduled the repairs, showed up on schedule, and did a great job. They were so friendly, courteous, and professional. They kept me informed of everything they were doing and they did everything they said they were going to do, even giving me a credit when it turned out that they needed to repair less square footage than originally estimated. Great company.

Wendy D.

Solid company. Others dabble in Crawlspace work, the people at Crawlspace Medic are experts. Highly recommended.

Patrick O.

Realtor Crawl Space Partners

Crawlspace Medic has been focused on services for real estate agents since day 1. We make the process quick & easy.

We perform all repairs within the scope of the inspection:

Termite Damage, Water damage at bathroom, Vapor Barrier, Leaking shower pan, Rotten door jambs, Dehu systems, Drains, Sump Pumps.

General Home Inspections

We perform structural repairs within the scope of general home inspections that are related to:

  • Floor framing

  • Structural and foundation issues, such as unsupported spliced joists, inadequate or failing masonry piering,

  • Improper or inadequate repairs.


General home inspection repairs related to the crawl space:

  • Removal and installation of floor insulation
  • Installation of new foundation vents or wall vents.
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