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Here at Crawlspace Medic of Charlotte, we understand how important a healthy crawl space is for the health of your home and family.

Did you know that 50% to 75% of the air in your home comes from your crawl space? If it contains mold, fungus, or pests, the air quality of your home will suffer.

It’s easy to maintain a strong, healthy, and resilient crawl space with Crawlspace Medic’s services.

Our expert inspection services will help you spot and diagnose problem areas in your crawl space, without the sales tactics. 

Crawl Space Inspections

Our Inspectors understand construction, crawl spaces, and provide peace of mind. 

Crawl Space Repairs

From termite to water damage our experts have you and your home covered.

Crawl Space Waterproofing

The environment in your crawl space is crucially important to the air quality of your home.

Robert and his team were the best. Moving into a new home with many issues in the crawl space, they were professional and explained everything and immediately put us at ease. They started on time, cleaned every bit of their work area and finished ahead of schedule. All that and priced very reasonably. I will call them again with any future needs and highly recommend them. Kudos to Robert and team for their great work ethic.
I want to start by saying I did not expect anyone to come out in the middle of an ice storm, but Jason called me to let me know he was on his way. He was very professional the entire time. We have been told by other companies we needed things that Jason felt confident we didn’t. He didn’t pressure us to sign anything, and he wrote up multiple quotes so we could compare all options. When work like this needs to be done, chances are most homeowners haven’t been saving for a crawlspace fix. However, they offer financing which took a total of 20 minutes (I had an internet malfunction) to find out if approved or not. We are excited to have the environment in our crawl space improved, which in turn will improve the house as a whole.
My husband and I recently purchased a home outside of Charlotte that needed some foundation repairs and it was lined up so Crawlspace Medic would complete their job after we closed on the house. I am a real estate agent myself and also an Airbnb host, so I would like to hope I’d be a decent judge of customer service… and this company did an absolutely outstanding job with their service. Gary gave me a call a few days before we closed on the house to schedule when they could come in and do their work. He also gave me a call the day before reminding me of our scheduled appointment. Not only was Gary great but their entire crew as well. Jose unfortunately found some electrical & plumbing issues while he was working on the foundation which he brought to our attention. I believe they went above and beyond with their work & truly put the customer / safety first. Going forward, I will be recommending this company for any crawlspace repairs to my future clients.
Technician arrived on time as scheduled and performed thorough inspection of all areas of concern. Turns out that our situation was not serious enough to justify the minimum charge that Medic usually charges, so surprisingly they shared with me how to mitigate the issues on my own without even a consulting fee! How awesome is that?? Thanks to Gary and Greg for not taking advantage of a clueless homeowner! Honest answers from service providers are rare these days, so if you want my advice, call Crawlspace Medic for all of your crawlspace concerns!
In my years in my field, it has been equally important to not only continue to excel in my job but also to find partners I can trust. Crawlspace Medic has become one of those partners. They’ve done great work and perhaps more importantly, I’ve heard them tell customers reasons why they don’t need to do something as much as giving them reasons why they do need work. It’s easy to find companies who are happy to sell their services but much harder to find someone honest enough to tell people the truth even when it means no or less revenue (in the short term). Integrity goes a long way. When we need to partner with someone who offers complementary services whom we can trust, I call Greg at Crawlspace Medic.
Crawlspace Medic repaired our rotten foundation and got the crawlspace sealed up so that we should be good for many years to come!
The team at the Crawlspace Medic was fantastic. Gary did a great job explaining all the findings on the house. His wisdom helped us understand solutions to the crawlspace termite issues. He was professional, helpful and polite. Did I mention he called in advance to confirm he was arriving early for the appointment. Bonus! Also appreciative of the efforts of Tami booking the appointment and Greg following up in advance for a copy of our home inspection. Thanks again for all your help.
Greg and Crawlspace Medic were very professional, punctual and competitively priced. I always got a quick call back and had all my questions answered. I was walked through all of the scheduled work and how it would be done so I felt comfortable and aligned with the process. I actually significantly changed the scale and scope of the project (adding french drains and sump pump) and they were able to accommodate and align on a new timeline to accomplish all work. I received pictures of all the work progress and completion, which helped validate (since I don’t spend much time in the crawlspace). Everything seems to be well done…I am happy with Greg and team and appreciate their work.
I hire Crawlspace Medic for every home I inspect that requires a CL100 Termite inspection. The local Charlotte GM, Greg, is very professional and responsive. His inspector, Jeff, is professional and thorough. Not only can I provide a great service for my clients at Freedom Home Services by using Crawlspace Medic, they can get a quote for the repairs to help negotiate the seller’s asking price! Highly recommend!
After a buyers inspection showed some possible issues in our crawl space, we contacted Crawl Space Medics to check it out. This was a rental property and we aren’t local, so it was we needed to find someone we trusted. Greg came out within a day of my request, took detailed photos of the crawlspace and provided a thorough quote on the work that was necessary, along with the items from the inspection that were not necessary. They finished the job quickly and efficiently and were available to answer all questions I had as well as the buyers real estate agent. Their install team was quick and efficient without bothering the current tenants. Greg went over and above to make sure the buyers were totally satisfied with the job and felt comfortable with the work performed and provided several photos of the completed job. Great job by Greg and his team, I’d be happy to recommend them!


Did you know that more than half of the air in your home comes from your crawl space? If it contains mold, fungus, or pests, the air quality of your home and structural integrity will suffer.

Our expert inspection services will help you spot and diagnose problem areas in your crawl space or basement, without sales tactics. 

We also provide long-term maintenance and moisture remediation services to ensure that your crawl space stays healthy over time.

We can help you spot issues like mold, termites, or water damage before they cause further damage to your home. 

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Crawlspace Medic of Charlotte provides all the necessary services to maintain your crawl space’s health.

Having a healthy crawl space is one of the best ways to protect the structural integrity of the rest of your house. Whether you’re planning to move to Charlotte or already live here, getting a thorough inspection of your crawl space or basement will help you identify and repair any moisture or structural issues before they become more serious–or even help you decide which house to buy.

With a higher-than-average rainfall and high humidity here in Charlotte, keeping your crawl space or basement dry can be difficult. Problems like high moisture levels, musty odors, or fogging windows can seem like minor inconveniences at first, but they can actually be symptoms of much bigger problems under your house.

Our team of experts will identify and repair issues in your crawl space and give you a detailed plan to remedy the issues so you can protect your home and your investment.

Believe it or not, the high humidity and frequent rainfall here in Charlotte can lead to structural damage to your home. Leaks, flooding, high moisture, dry rot, and even termite damage in your crawl space or basement can affect the structural integrity of your entire house.

Diagnose and repair structural damage quickly and prevent future damage by scheduling your service with Crawlspace Medic today.

Proudly Serving Charlotte & Surrounding Areas.

As a locally owned and operated company, we know how important a healthy crawl space or basement can be for Charlotte homeowners.







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