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Crawlspace Medic® is your source for crawl space repair and maintenance services in the Charlotte metro area!

Here at Crawlspace Medic of Charlotte, we understand how important a healthy crawl space is for the health of your home and family.

Did you know that 50% to 75% of the air in your home comes from your crawl space? If it contains mold, fungus, or pests, the air quality of your home will suffer.

It’s easy to maintain a strong, healthy, and resilient crawl space with Crawlspace Medic’s services.

Our expert inspection services will help you spot and diagnose problem areas in your crawl space, without the sales tactics. 

Our Clients in Charlotte, NC

The queen city loves us as much as we love them!

We have been told by other companies we needed things that Jason felt confident we didn't. He didn't pressure us to sign anything, and he wrote up multiple quotes so we could compare all options. When work like this needs to be done, chances are most homeowners haven't been saving for a crawlspace fix. However, they offer financing which took a total of 20 minutes. We are excited to have the environment in our crawl space improved, which in turn will improve the house as a whole.

Nichole - Charlotte, NC

Not only was Gary great but their entire crew as well. Jose unfortunately found some electrical & plumbing issues while he was working on the foundation which he brought to our attention. I believe they went above and beyond with their work & truly put the customer / safety first.

Shelly - Charlotte, NC


Crawlspace Medic of Charlotte provides all the necessary services to maintain your crawl space’s health.

It is important to have your crawl space inspected at least once a year, in addition to when you are buying or selling a home. 

Our inspection services can also help you identify problems and solutions for any crawl space damage or pest infestation.

Having a healthy crawl space is one of the best ways to protect the structural integrity of the rest of your house. Whether you’re planning to move to Charlotte or already live here, getting a thorough inspection of your crawl space or basement will help you identify and repair any moisture or structural issues before they become more serious–or even help you decide which house to buy.

With a higher-than-average rainfall and high humidity here in Charlotte, keeping your crawl space or basement dry can be difficult. Problems like high moisture levels, musty odors, or fogging windows can seem like minor inconveniences at first, but they can actually be symptoms of much bigger problems under your house.

Our team of experts will identify and repair issues in your crawl space and give you a detailed plan to remedy the issues so you can protect your home and your investment.

Believe it or not, the high humidity and frequent rainfall here in Charlotte can lead to structural damage to your home. Leaks, flooding, high moisture, dry rot, and even termite damage in your crawl space or basement can affect the structural integrity of your entire house.

Diagnose and repair structural damage quickly and prevent future damage by scheduling your service with Crawlspace Medic today.

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