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We know how important your crawl space is to the rest of your home.

At any given time, roughly 50% to 75% of the air in your home has been filtered through your crawl space. That’s a serious problem if your crawl space contains black mold, mice droppings, or other toxic substances. 

Our crawl space repair, inspection, and maintenance services make it easy to maintain a healthy crawl space in the Knoxville area.


Our Inspectors understand construction, crawl spaces, and provide peace of mind. 

Structural Rerpairs

From termite to water damage our experts have you and your home covered.


The environment in your crawl space is crucially important to the air quality of your home.

I have used Crawlspace Medic in the past to secure my crawlspace from moisture. They did such a wonderful job then, when I needed further services I didn’t hesitate to call. I needed foundation work on my sunroom and repair to sagging floors. Everyone in this company was so helpful, the work superior, and the communication constant. Please take great care of your home and when any water or foundation problems arise, do not hesitate to call Crawlspace Medic


Did you know that more than half of the air in your home comes from your crawl space? If it contains mold, fungus, or pests, the air quality of your home and structural integrity will suffer.

Our expert inspection services will help you spot and diagnose problem areas in your crawl space or basement, without sales tactics. 

We also provide long-term maintenance and moisture remediation services to ensure that your crawl space stays healthy over time.

We can help you spot issues like mold, termites, or water damage before they cause further damage to your home. 

Proudly Serving LEXINGTON, KY

Crawlspace Medic® is your trusted source for crawl space repairs, inspections, and maintenance in the Lexington area.








Our Services

Crawlspace Medic® offers three main types of crawl space and basement solutions to families in Lexington: crawl space inspections, moisture remediation systems, and structural repairs.

Could water or structural damage be lurking under your feet? Schedule your routine crawl space inspection with the Crawlspace Medics here in Lexington. We’ll perform a thorough investigation of your foundation so we can identify problems and give you a detailed plan of action for repair and maintenance. With your foundation in strong condition, you’ll be able to enjoy your home worry-free.

With high humidity here in Lexington, your home is particularly susceptible to damage from flooding, high humidity, and more. But humid conditions in your foundation are not only uncomfortable but can also lead to more serious problems like dry rot, mold and mildew growth, and even pests like rodents and termites, resulting in structural damage.

If you’ve noticed your basement or crawl space is humid, your windows are fogging, floors are sagging, cracks on interior walls, poor air quality in your home, or even high energy bills, chances are there is structural damage in your crawl space or basement. And left untreated, the damage can quickly spread to the rest of your home.

Crawlspace Medic here in Lexington will get your home back to sound condition so you can have the peace of mind to enjoy your house like you were meant to.

Water issues under your home? We can help.

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