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Why are we the best crawl space company in raleigh?

Crawlspace Medic of Raleigh makes it easy to maintain a strong, healthy, and resilient crawl space or basement. Our inspection services find and diagnose problems in your crawl space. 

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Our Services

Crawlspace Medic® services consist of four main categories: crawl space inspections, moisture remediation, structural repairs, and basement waterproofing systems.

Inspections In Raleigh NC

Owning a home in Raleigh comes with many joys–until you suspect problems in your crawl space or basement. Whether you’ve had flooding, mold or mildew, or pest problems, getting a thorough inspection by an expert crew is one of the best ways to catch problems before they become more serious or even prevent them in the first place.

Our Raleigh team is ready to help; call us today to schedule your inspection.

Crawl Space Moisture Remediation In Raleigh NC

Fogging windows, high humidity or condensation, poor air quality, dry rot, mustiness–these are just a few of the symptoms of excess moisture in your crawl space or basement. Left unchecked, these issues can cause more than inconvenience or discomfort; excess moisture can deteriorate your house’s structural integrity and even attract pests like termites and carpenter ants.

Our team of professionals here in Raleigh will diagnose the root cause of excess moisture in your foundation and implement long-term solutions for keeping your crawl space or basement dry and secure.

Crawl Space Structural Repairs In Raleigh NC

Whether your house’s wooden framing is in danger due to dry rot, termites, or water damage, taking quick and expert action is vital to protecting your home’s safety and value. Don’t let structural damage in your crawl space or basement rob you of the peace of mind and joy of homeownership you deserve. Get framing repair, dry rot repair, and more from Crawlspace Medic to prevent further damage to your home.

Basement Waterproofing Systems In Raleigh NC

Basement waterproofing prevents water from entering your basement and causing damage to your foundation, walls, floors, and belongings. It also protects your health by preventing mold and mildew from growing in your basement.

With the help of Crawlspace Medic of Raleigh, you can increase the value, comfort, and safety of your home. Contact us today to keep your basement dry and healthy.

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Improving air quality of homes in Raleigh

While you probably do not spend a lot of time thinking about the space beneath your floorboards, your crawl space is a very important part of a healthy home.

Did you know 50% to 75% of the air in your home is filtered through your crawl space? If your crawl space contains substances like black mold or mice droppings, your home’s air can be polluted with these toxic particles. 

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say:

3 months ago
I wanted to update my review. Crawlspace Medic reached out after my initial review and came out the next day to address my concerns. The did the entire job again and it looks much better. I feel much better about this time around. The crew was great. Barely knew they...Read More »
a month ago
I contacted Crawlspace Medic after they were recommended to me by a structural engineer I had hired to check my home for what I feared were signs of possible foundation problems. I could not be more pleased with having made the decision to follow that recommendation. Crawlspace Medic did an...Read More »
a month ago
Russell came by to provide an estimate to update our vapor barrier and install a dehumidifier in our crawl space. He was very professional, personable and thorough in his inspection and discussion afterwards about the recommended work that is being suggested. He followed with a text to advise that he...Read More »
a month ago
Russel was phenomenal and did a through inspection of our crawl space. Provided beautiful photos that allowed us to assess properly what was going on. Provided transparency and thoughtful advice. Was also very understanding of kids crying. Appreciate him and all his help.

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Meet The Team

Rob A: Raleigh Market Manager

Rob Allen

Raleigh Market Manager

Rob is a Raleigh native and attended Campbell University. One of Rob’s main goals is to help homeowners feel confident in their homes by providing honest feedback and solutions for their crawl space needs. He feels especially passionate about helping real estate transactions run more smoothly by ensuring the estimate and repair are delivered in a timely manner. He and his wife Amy currently live in Raleigh and have a beautiful daughter Paisley.

Russ B: Raleigh Sales Manager

Russ Burke

Raleigh Sales Manager

Russ grew up in Pinehurst but moved to Raleigh to attend NC State. Russ gets into the nitty gritty of your crawl space to ensure we provide a sensible solution that meets your home’s needs. With a background in luxury apparel distribution, Russ brings an eye for detail and excitement to create the best customer experience possible.

Tim J: Raleigh Production Manager

Tim Jones

Raleigh Production Manager

Tim is originally from Lansing, NY, and has a strong background in roofing and construction. Starting as a technician, Tim has gained the knowledge and expertise to oversee production efforts with three crews. He and his Fiance Kathryn live in Raleigh with their puppy Lady Jane.

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