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WHY ARE WE the best crawl space company in richmond?

Crawlspace Medic of Richmond focuses on the health of our neighbors crawl spaces and basements in order to protect your family’s health and investment.

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We are locally owned and operated right here in Richmond, VA and understand the needs of crawl spaces and basements in the area. In fact, it’s our specialty.

If you haven’t thought about what’s going on under your house recently, let us come out and give you an inspection. We can help you rest easy that your home investment is protected and your family is healthy.

Steve was amazing to work with. He came out the same day I called to take a look at my crawl space issue. Very professional and very knowledgeable. I was pleased with Steve and his recommendations. The real estate transaction ended up not going through, so we did not need the work after all. Would highly recommend.
Very clear, concise, and professional communication. They provided detailed pictures of problem spots, before and after the repairs. They provided input on potential HVAC, mechanical, and electrical issues, and provided reliable references for tradesmen to evaluate those issues. Overall, I am super satisfied and would recommend them!
Had an appointment with Greg this morning, and want an outstanding professional. He was very respectful with my wife and I. He did a thorough examination of our crawlspace and explained in detail any issues. Also included detailed photos and video of the issues as well. Will defiantly continue to do business with them with the repairs!
Crawlspace Medic has an amazing team! Their prices are reasonable and they do an amazing job!! No matter who I have spoken to or worked with, they have been extremely kind and knowledgeable.They fully stand by their work and do what ever is needed to ensure you are satisfied. I highly recommend Crawlspace Medic to everyone! Thank you again Steve and everyone at Crawlspace medic for everything! Y’all are truly amazing!
Steve, Greg, and their crew were fantastic! They were efficient, prompt, affordable, and reasonable. They listened to my main complaint regarding my crawlspace (cold air seeping through the floorboards in the winter), considered the style/condition/specs of my house and made an appropriate recommendation. They didn’t try to oversell me or recommend anything other than the basics of what I needed to meet my objective. The work crew was courteous, on time, and respectful of my property. Highly recommend these guys!
Crawlspace Medic installed a drainage system and sump pump for me. They also installed a moisture barrier in my crawl space. The work was professionally done and the service manager gave detailed explanations and provided photos of everything, both before and after the work. Most importantly, the business stands fully behind its work, so the warranty is more than words on paper. I could always count on prompt, professional service when I needed something checked out after installation. Messages are rapidly dispatched to the service team when you call the office.
This is a great company. Very professional and honest. A larger company tried to oversell me on their service but Crawlspace Medic explained to me that I did not need to do as much as the other company was pushing. They did a great job and I am very happy with the result. Great value as well.
I recently discovered that a slow leak behind a bathroom sink, coupled with water dripping from the gutters behind the siding, had seriously damaged the crawl space, areas behind the sink, and about two-thirds of the subfloor in the bathroom. Greg did a very thorough inspection, took excellent pictures documenting the problem, and provided a detailed scope of work and quote within a reasonable period of time.

Whether you’re buying or selling a house in Richmond or you’ve noticed potential damage to your crawl space or basement, our team of experts is here to help. Not sure if you have crawl space damage? Look for telltale signs like mustiness, mold and mildew, fogged windows, or high humidity in your foundation. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your foundation and give you an action plan to remediate problems and prevent future damage.

Don’t ignore high moisture in your basement or crawl space anymore. Left untreated, excess moisture in your foundation can lead to more serious problems, including dry rot, mold and mildew, poor air quality, structural damage, and even pests like termites. Our team of professionals in Richmond is highly experienced in diagnosing and repairing damage in crawl spaces and basements.

Wood damage in your crawl space or basement can spell trouble for the rest of the house. Whether the damage is due to dry rot, water damage, termites, or rodents, the Richmond Crawlspace Medic team is fully equipped to identify and repair damage in your foundation so your house’s structural integrity remains intact.

Call today to schedule your inspection so you can protect your home and your investment.

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