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We service Ashland, VA with our free crawl space and basement inspection services! Waterproofing, repairs, encapsulation, and more.

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In Ashland, the weather can be quite unpleasant. Summers in Ashland are muggy and hot while winters are very chilly and wet. The wet season in Ashland extends for almost three quarters of a year. Ashland experiences heavy rains even when the weather is hot. Because of this, heavy rainfalls throughout the year make your crawl space or basement more vulnerable to dry rot, poor air quality, insects, rodents, termites, and more.

Here at Crawlspace Medic, we provide a free inspection of your crawl space and basement anywhere in Ashland. Our professional inspection services will assist you in identifying and diagnosing any issue in the structure under your house. We help you protect the foundational strength of your home.

Don’t delay your crawl space examination any longer. If you’ve discovered possible damage to your crawl space or basement, or are unsure of its conditions, our team of specialists is here to assist you. Schedule your service with Crawlspace Medic today to make your home resilient to Ashland’s inclement weather.

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