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Protect your home from humidity in Chesterfield

You cannot control the weather patterns in Chesterfield, but you can absolutely have control over protecting your house with the help of Crawlspace Medic. What could be more important than protecting your home’s structure? As weather worsens around your home, inspecting your crawl space or basement at least twice a year is essential.

The monthly rainfall in Chesterfield varies seasonally; however, humidity is 70%-80% throughout the year. This higher humidity poses a significant threat to the basement and crawl space and increases the chances of problems caused by moisture, mold, and rot. In addition, it can also attract pests. Mold grows and flourishes in the minimum 70% humidity, which is alarming for homeowners in Chesterfield and is bad for your family’s health.

So, before you go into the depths of despair, Crawlspace Medic is at your service. We have a team of experts to help you with honest crawl space inspections and solutions.

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Taking care of moldy crawl spaces in Chesterfield.

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