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Are you looking for crawl space inspection services in Glen Allen? You have come to the right place. Like other areas in Virginia, crawl space and basement inspections and repairs are particularly important in Glen Allen. In addition to repairs, our contractors also provide additional services, such as cleaning, waterproofing, and encapsulation.

Wet crawl space repair is often required because moisture may become trapped beneath homes, even in areas that are normally dry. When this happens, moisture can weaken the foundation, bugs can take refuge in the crawl space, and wood rot might develop. In such circumstances, the most valued investment you can make is to invest in your house’s structural foundation for its long-term health. Avoiding the crawl space can lead to costly repairs in the future.

Why wait longer when you can easily prevent problems before they worsen, and with added benefits to your health? Crawlspace Medic safeguards your home against catastrophic and costly damage. We provide expert inspections, clear reports, financing, customized long-term solutions, and long-term maintenance plans.

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