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Henrico County is warmer and wetter than many other areas in Virginia. Moisture under your home can wreak havoc on your structure, while also allowing for mold to grow and impact your health. Because most of your home’s air flows through the crawl space, this should be enough to make you worried about your home’s crawl space.

Without proper ventilation or the proper solutions in place, your unhealthy crawl space directly impacts the health of your home and your family. Improper air flow in crawl spaces can lead to moisture damage and energy loss, leading to higher energy bills, health issues, and structural problems. With rising energy costs, consider checking on your crawl space to live more comfortably while saving money.

Ask yourself when you thought about potential problems in your crawl space. If you have to think long for an answer, it’s time to get your crawl space inspected. If your crawl space is hiding structural damage or moisture issues, it can severely undermine your home’s structure. Schedule your inspection with Crawlspace Medic for a free, honest, and timely report on your crawl space’s health.

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