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Crawlspace Medic of Wilmington makes it easy to maintain a strong, healthy, and resilient crawl space or basement.

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With Crawlspace Medic®, you have a simple and convenient way to routinely check the condition of your crawl space. This way, you can address small problems before they turn into major headaches.

Whenever you’re in need of crawl space repairs or crawl space maintenance, we can provide you with high-quality solutions that have been custom designed for your home.

I can’t say enough good things. I purchased my home and quickly learned our AC was making our crawl space damp and growing mold. I used four different companies for price quotes. This one was by far the best. Not the cheapest but not the most expensive. They were matter of fact. Didn’t try to sell me extras and it was obvious they knew what they were talking about. Very on time, got the crawl space done in the time told. It looks amazing now, I mean you could have people for dinner down there it’s so clean and dry. Mike was super responsive and the whole crew was professional and friendly! Don’t go to those crazy people trying to sell you 30-40k crawl spaces call these guys they are honest and will make sure they do a great job!
During the due diligence period on a home purchase, Ben from crawlspace medic came out in a timely manner (within two days) to draw up an estimate for moisture and foundation concerns on the house. After purchasing the home, the crew started working on my crawlspace in under 3 weeks. Everyone was incredibly professional and informative and I am ecstatic with the end result. A gentlemen named Chris gave me a belly tour of my crawlspace (only for the brave souls), pointing out all the previous areas of concern that had been addressed. It was almost pristine enough to eat down there! Afterwards, Ben came by to recheck the work before answering all of my queries. I highly recommend these fellas. You will not be disappointed! In fact, Glenn called the structural engineer to get a change approved that was better material and deeper footing than listed. The cost was very reasonable compared to other quotes. Other folks said they would need to move or relocate some plumbing, wiring, etc. which added cost. Crawlspace Medic adjusted the lumber install to fit without having moving
I highly endorse Crawlspace Medic of Wilmington. I had a bad moisture problem that came about very quickly at the first of this summer promoting mold in the crawlspace and air handler. This ultimately effected the air quality in my house to the point I felt terrible. I was quoted a start time of 1 1/2 months out. Due to the health concerns, Mike worked me in coming on 3 different occasions and got the job done before the time I was quoted that they would start. The work was done of the highest quality including vapor barrier, sealing the vents, new crawlspace door and humidifier. He provided pictures of their work before and after. The crews doing the job were very informative and professional. I was most impressed that after they finished the work, Mike inspected the job himself to ensure they were of his standards and above and beyond other crawlspace companies. Mike was super to work with. I will always be most appreciative. The team at Crawlspace Medic was not only knowledgeable of what needed to be done, but also highly efficient and communicative. Additionally, the team also shoots straight and seemingly has emphasis on transparency and fairness to customers. I had so many questions but each of them was satisfactorily answered and even when I did research to verify all of the answers matched what I was told.
We are very thankful for the work we received from Crawlspace Medic and feel we are living in a healthier home. Had some mold remediation and full encapsulation done + a dehumidifier installed. The crew was very professional and made sure the job got done right. Mike was our point person answering any and all questions we had….and we had a lot. He was generous with his knowledge and time educating us on what needs to be done and why. The price was fair and we weren’t being sold anything we didn’t absolutely need. Highly recommend giving them a call.The team at Crawlspace Medic was not only knowledgeable of what needed to be done, but also highly efficient and communicative. Additionally, the team also shoots straight and seemingly has emphasis on transparency and fairness to customers. I had so many questions but each of them was satisfactorily answered and even when I did research to verify all of the answers matched what I was told.
Mike and the whole team were awesome. Responded to inquiries promptly and answered all questions in a timely manner. The crew were very professional, arrived on time and did a great job!! Definitely will recommend this company to friends and family!! Leveled floor joists and added support beams and braces. Installed French drain with sump pump. New vapor barrier on floor of crawl space. Added a dehumidifier with pump.
Ben and the Team at Crawl Space Medic are FANTASTIC. They are honest, fair and do a great job. They don’t try to up sale you on repairs or products you don’t need and are completely honest and fairly priced when they tell you what you do need. I’m in Real Estate and have dealt with a LOT of vendors. It’s very refreshing to have someone you can rely on to do right by your customers. Highly recommend!
Crawlspace medic came and installed a new vapor barrier in my crawlspace, and fogged the entire area for fungal growth that had accumulated since the hurricane in 2018. They worked me in their schedule in a very timely fashion, and the three gentlemen that were sent to do the job we’re extremely professional and got the Job done quickly, and it looks great. Their price was very fair, especially compared to some of the other estimates I got. I would highly recommend using them for your crawl space needs.


At Crawlspace Medic®, we offer a wide range of services related to crawl space repairs and maintenance for the Wilmington area.

When severe weather hits Wilmington, does your crawl space or basement flood? Have you noticed mold and mildew growing or structural damage in your foundation? Living here on the coast has its perks, but the challenges of flooding, high humidity, and excess moisture takes its toll on your home. Scheduling regular inspections will help you diagnose and repair problems quickly so you can keep your house standing strong for years to come.

Living in Wilmington’s humid climate, many homeowners accept humid basements or crawl spaces as normal. But excess moisture in your foundation can be a sign of structural weaknesses as well as lead to structural damage. Dry rot, mold and mildew, pests like termites and rodents, and poor air quality are just a few of the problems that excess moisture in your basement or crawl space can create.

Water damage, amateur repairs, termites, dry rot, rodents, fungus–each of these problems and more can weaken the wood framing of your home and cause structural problems not only in your foundation but also throughout your entire house. Our team here in Wilmington has the training and experience necessary to identify and repair structural damage and protect your home from future damage.

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