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At Crawlspace Medic®, we offer a wide range of services related to crawl space repairs and maintenance for the Wilmington area.

Crawl Space Inspections In Wilmington

When severe weather hits Wilmington, does your crawl space or basement flood? Have you noticed mold and mildew growing or structural damage in your foundation? Living here on the coast has its perks, but the challenges of flooding, high humidity, and excess moisture takes its toll on your home. Scheduling regular inspections will help you diagnose and repair problems quickly so you can keep your house standing strong for years to come.

Crawl Space Moisture Remediation In Wilmington

Living in Wilmington’s humid climate, many homeowners accept humid basements or crawl spaces as normal. But excess moisture in your foundation can be a sign of structural weaknesses as well as lead to structural damage. Dry rot, mold and mildew, pests like termites and rodents, and poor air quality are just a few of the problems that excess moisture in your basement or crawl space can create.

Crawl Space Repairs In Wilmington

Water damage, amateur repairs, termites, dry rot, rodents, fungus–each of these problems and more can weaken the wood framing of your home and cause structural problems not only in your foundation but also throughout your entire house. Our team here in Wilmington has the training and experience necessary to identify and repair structural damage and protect your home from future damage.

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Basement Waterproofing Systems In Wilmington

Basement waterproofing prevents water from entering your basement and causing damage to your foundation, walls, floors, and belongings. It also protects your health by preventing mold and mildew from growing in your basement.

With the help of Crawlspace Medic, you can increase the value, comfort, and safety of your home. Contact us today to keep your basement dry and healthy.

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With Crawlspace Medic®, you have a simple and convenient way to routinely check the condition of your crawl space. This way, you can address small problems before they turn into major headaches.

Whenever you’re in need of crawl space repairs or crawl space maintenance, we can provide you with high-quality solutions that have been custom designed for your home.

Here's What Our Customers Have To Say:

a month ago
Crawl Space Medic is outstanding. Called on Friday at 8am and they squeezed me into their schedule, same day! Showed up as scheduled, and provided outstanding details to me and my clients, the home owners. As a Realtor living at the coast, I often run into crawl space dilemmas. Crawl...Read More »
4 months ago
I hired Crawlspace Medic to get my crawlspace encapsulated a year ago and Ben was very professional and thorough with my questions! The team did an excellent job and at a reasonable rate. I reached out to Ben again recently because I noticed some cracks in my hardwood flooring in the...Read More »
3 weeks ago
Dan was very helpful and straightforward in assessing the crawlspace issues of an older home that was under consideration for purchase. His findings validated my concerns and was very helpful regarding making a decision on this property. He was polite, on time and is very knowledgeable regarding construction. I...Read More »
2 months ago
I contacted Crawlspace Medic to help with additional joist support and replacement of an old dehumidifier in the crawlspace of my ~1940's home. Ben was fantastic during the quoting process- asking what work was actually meaningful vs. trying to upsell on every item he noticed during quoting. He completed a...Read More »

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Meet The Team

Ben C: Wilmington Market Manager

Ben Chesnut

Wilmington Market Manager

Ben grew up in Chapel Hill, NC but is no stranger to Wilmington. He and his family have lived here for over 13 Years. Ben has a passion for serving homeowners in Wilmington and brings a constant desire to work as a team. Ben feels especially passionate about ensuring real estate transactions run smoothly and making sure closing is as painless as possible. Ben loves the teamwork and camaraderie aspect of working at Crawlspace Medic.

Jason O: Wilmington Production Manager

Jason Owens

Wilmington Production Manager

Jason is from Concord, NC, and has been married for 6 years. He and his wife have three children and a dog. Jason has an impressive knowledge of structural repairs and has been a valued team member at Crawlspace Medic for several years. Jason’s eye for detail and structural expertise has allowed him to grow into his role with our company and serve our customers well.

Trevor M: Wilmington Operations Manager

Trevor Molenhoff

Wilmington Operations Manager

Trevor is from Atlanta, GA, and attended the University of Georgia, Go Dawgs! Trevor’s experience in managing operations comes from his time working in landscaping and with a largescale moving company. Trevor leads our team to execute work at a high standard of excellence to serve homeowners in the Wilmington area.

Mike M: Wilmington Sales Manager

Mike Martin

Wilmington Sales Manager

Mike is from Charlotte, NC, and comes to Crawlspace Medic with 15 years of service as a mechanized Infantryman. Living in Carolina Beach, Mike and his wife Courtney have three beautiful daughters and two dogs. Mike’s commitment to provide structural integrity now and in the long term shows in his ability to properly address repairs necessary to your home!

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