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crawl space repairs in Wilmington

If you live in Wilmington NC, there’s a good chance your home is built on a crawl space foundation. That means you need to keep an eye out for moisture problems, pest infestations, and structural damage. If you suspect moisture issues or damage, you need a team you can trust for crawl space inspections and crawl space repair services.

That’s exactly what you’ll find with Crawlspace Medic®. As Wilmington’s crawl space repair specialists, we offer the experience, expertise, and workmanship your crawl space needs for a clean bill of health. Whether you’re dealing with termite damage, excessive moisture, structural concerns, or an unknown issue, we can help. Our experts will quickly diagnose the cause and scope of the problem and provide a detailed prescription for your crawl space.

Crawlspace Medic® is proud to serve homeowners and Wilmington and the surrounding areas.

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Local Licensed Contractors

Wilmington Structural Repairs

Wood damage in your crawl space? We can help. The floor framing of your home needs to be in the best shape it can. This means damage caused by termites, water, pests or improper repairs shouldn't be causing discomfort while living your home. With years of experience identifying and repairing structural damage you can be rest assured that we will find the cause of the damage and offer a competitive quote. Since we're Licensed Contractors, you benefit from having trusted technicians performing the work to current code while getting your home back to a healthy status.

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Wilmington Moisture Remediation

High moisture in your crawl space? Let us identify the source. Lingering moisture in your crawl space isn't good for the overall health of your home. Left uncheck, this moisture can cause rapid fungal growth, which in turn can lead to structural and potentially discomfort in living in the home. Remediation is necessary to find the source of high moisture or water and get rid of it as fast as possible. Our technicians evaluate the environmental condition of your crawl space and offer the best option for your specific problem.

Crawlspace Medic of Wilmington can provide the following moisture remediation repair solutions:

  • Interior French Drain Systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Moisture (or Vapor) Barriers
  • Encapsulation Systems
  • Dehumidification Systems
  • Waterproofing

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Wilmington Real Estate Repair Requests

Have a problem come up in your home inspection report? We work closely with realtors, buyers and sellers when they need clarity from a recent home inspection report. As Licensed Contractors we can help qualify the issues that arise in your home inspection report regarding the crawl space. We can use your report and evaluate the crawl space for FREE to offer a fair and competitive price for repairs. There are no commissioned salespeople involved with inspection process.