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Crawl Space Repairs in Wilmington, NC

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Crawl Space Repair in Wilmington

Crawlspace Medic® is your trusted source for crawl space repairs, inspections, and maintenance in Wilmington, NC!

Our crawl space services make it easy to maintain the health and integrity of your home’s crawl space. This not only preserves your house’s structural foundation, but also ensures a healthier home. Roughly 50% to 75% of the air in your house comes from your crawl space. Because of this, it’s important to prevent toxic substances in this space, such as black mold or mice droppings.

With Crawlspace Medic®, you have a simple and convenient way to routinely check the condition of your crawl space. This way, you can address small problems before they turn into major headaches. And whenever you’re in need of crawl space repairs or crawl space maintenance, we can provide you with high-quality solutions that have been custom designed for your home.

Our Crawl Space Repair & Maintenance Services

At Crawlspace Medic®, we offer a wide range of services related to crawl space repairs and maintenance for the Wilmington area.

These services start with our crawl space inspection. If you suspect damage, mold, or pests in your crawl space, we strongly recommend a professional inspection. We also advise having your crawl space inspected once a year, as well as any time you’re selling or buying a home. Our technicians will carefully survey your crawl space for any signs of damage or vulnerable areas. Each inspection is followed by a detailed report of what we found, supported by photo documentation.

Whenever we find damaged or vulnerable areas, we make specific recommendations on how to correct the problem. If your crawl space contains unsafe moisture levels or drainage problems, we can design a custom solution to prevent future damage, such as a moisture barrier or a French drain system. In cases of existing crawl space damage, we offer repair services. Our team can prevent the damage from spreading and repair or reinforce any damaged areas.

Our crawl space repair and maintenance services for the Wilmington area include:

Crawlspace Medic Proudly Serves the Wilmington Metro Area

Crawlspace Medic® is locally owned and operated, based out of Wilmington, NC. We proudly serve families throughout the Wilmington metro area, with a service area that includes the following communities:

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Wilmington Crawl Space Inspections

Think you have an issue in your crawl space? Buying or selling a home and found out there are issues in the crawl space? Don’t want a sales call? That’s where we fit in. Our inspectors are focused on determining your specific issues and providing you with helpful information on what should be fixed.

Symptoms of crawl space issues might include: musty smells, cupping or sloping finished flooring, poor indoor air quality, or doors sticking.

Wilmington Structural Repairs

Wood damage in your crawl space? We can help. Floor framing supports your home. This means damage caused by termites, water, pests, or improper repairs are a big deal!

With years of experience identifying and repairing structural damage, you can be rest assured that we will find the cause of the damage and offer an affordable long term solution.

Wilmington Moisture Remediation

High moisture in your crawl space? Let us identify the source and make long term recommendations. Lingering moisture in your crawl space isn’t good for the overall health of your home.

Left unchecked, this moisture can cause rapid fungal growth. This in turn can lead to structural issues and poor indoor air quality in your home. Our inspectors evaluate the environmental conditions of your crawl space and offer the best solutions for long term health.