How to Fix a Sagging Floor: A Complete Guide

how to fix a sagging floor

Many homeowners and owners of commercial property have dealt with a sagging floor. Floors can sag for many reasons. For instance, they may sag due to the natural settling of your property or building materials over time. However, a sagging floor may also signify damage from water leaks or pests, like termites. In other instances, […]

Got Sagging Floors? The Best Floor Support Jacks for Your Crawl Space

how to fix a sagging floor

Your crawl space can prove tricky to maintain. Moisture loves to build up in this area. Eventually, the moisture can lead to sagging on your floor. This sagging can prove unsafe for both you and your family. However, there are a couple of repairs that you can do to remedy this problem. If you have sagging floors, […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Repairing Your Crawl Space

crawl space repair

When was the last time you had a crawl space repair service visit? If you’re like many homeowners, chances are you don’t think about your crawl space that often. It’s down underneath your home, well out of sight, and doesn’t need much maintenance. Just because the crawl space isn’t an obvious part of your home doesn’t mean you […]

Can Water Damage a Foundation?

can water damage a foundation

Did you know that the weight of an average US home is between 80 and 160 tons? To that, you have to add the foundation at seven-and-a-half tons. The foundation is a critical component of the overall construction of your house. The foundations provide a flat platform upon which to construct a house. Additionally, they act […]

Termite Damage vs. Wood Rot: Simple Ways to Tell the Difference

termite damage vs wood rot Crawlspace Medic

Have you ever taken a look at your wooden walls and noticed there were holes in them? You might immediately chalk it up to rot, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes, your wooden walls can get destroyed thanks to little critters such as termites. And, knowing when you’re dealing with termite damage vs. wood […]

Are Sagging Floors in a Old House Dangerous?

sagging floors in a old house

Only 30 percent of homes in America have basements. Most of the remaining 70 percent have crawl spaces or are built directly on concrete slabs.  While every type of foundation has its pros and cons, homes with crawl spaces are among the most likely to suffer sagging. But what do sagging floors in an old house mean? How serious […]

How to Spot Crawl Space Problems for New Homeowners

inspector finding crawl space problems

Imagine this: you’re in the new home you just bought, and you’re walking around, checking out every area. Everything seems fine. Flash forward a few years, and you have some serious problems going on with your home’s foundation. An expert comes by to check out what’s going on, and it turns out that there was […]