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Serving St. Charles County including Augusta, Cottleville, Dardenne Prairie, Defiance, Flinthill, Foristell, Lake Saint Louis, New Melle, O Fallon, Portage Des Sioux, St. Charles, St. Peters, Wentzville, and West Alton.


With crawl space repair and maintenance services from Crawlspace Medic®, it’s easy to maintain a healthy crawl space in St. Louis, MO!

We know how common crawl space problems can be for local homeowners.

Most people don’t spend a lot of time in the space beneath their floorboards. But without routine inspections, your crawl space may be at risk for water damage, black mold, termites, and other common problems.

Our crawl space services offer a perfect solution. We provide affordable crawl space inspections throughout the St. Louis area, so you can stay on top of any issues in your crawl space.

We Care About Our Work.

We love providing healthy homes and peace of mind to our clients.

The crew at Crawlspace Medic were incredible to deal with, very helpful, and saved me a lot of time and money with their expert service and experience. I would highly recommend them.


Very professional, accommodating, on task, on time. Painless process fitting customer needs without overselling — from the initial estimate to the final review and billing. Highly recommend.



Crawlspace Medic® offers three main types of crawl space solutions to families in St. Charles County: crawl space inspections, moisture remediation systems, and structural repairs.

Flooding, burst pipes, quickly melting snow, and severe weather can all cause water damage in your foundation–and you may not even realize the full extent of it. Keeping your crawl space or basement healthy is key to keeping the rest of your house healthy. 

Our team of crawl space experts in St. Louis is ready to conduct a thorough inspection so you can know exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of your foundation are and fix problems before they get out of hand.

Did you know that most structural damage in St. Louis houses starts in the crawl space or basement? Telltale signs include fogging windows, sagging floors, doors that stick, gaps around windows and doors, and cracks forming on interior walls. These issues are common in older homes, but they’re not safe.

Protect your home’s structural integrity and overall value by addressing these problems right away. Call us today to schedule your inspection.

Water damage or excess moisture in your crawl space or basement can lead to lasting damage in your house. Issues like dry rot, mold and mildew, high humidity indoors, and termites are all results of excess moisture in your foundation.

We’ll conduct a thorough inspection and give you a detailed plan to eliminate excess moisture in your home so you can remediate and prevent damage under your house.

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