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Why Birmingham Area Crawl Spaces Need a Vapor Barrier Prevent Moisture in Crawl Space

When your home is built on a crawl space foundation, water vapor can lead to a host of serious problems. High moisture levels are a leading cause of wood rot, rusted pipes, mold infestations, termite colonization, and other types of crawl space damage. In a moist, humid climate like Birmingham AL, crawl spaces need a vapor barrier or moisture barrier to prevent these kinds of issues.

At Crawlspace Medic®, we know how important it is to have a high-quality vapor barrier installed in your crawl space. Below, we examine how a vapor or moisture barrier works, why crawl spaces in Birmingham need one, and how you can book a barrier installation with us.

Use a Vapor Barrier to Control Crawl Space Moisture in Birmingham

At a glance, water vapor might seem harmless. But as any homeowner knows, water vapor can create serious issues. If your crawl space doesn’t have a moisture barrier, the ground beneath your home will release vapor, much of which becomes trapped inside your crawl space, increasing moisture levels. When moisture levels exceed 20%, your crawl space will be at high risk for moisture-related damage or health concerns. In Birmingham, these problems can include wood rot, rusted hardware, termite damage, and mold infestations, among other concerns.

To prevent water vapor from entering your crawl space, you will need a moisture barrier in place. A vapor or moisture barrier is typically made of plastic sheeting, which is applied over the floor of your crawl space and over part of its walls.

Moisture barriers must be at least 6 mil thick to block water vapor. In areas with high levels of ground moisture, including parts of Birmingham, a thicker barrier will be required. If you already have a vapor barrier in place, it is important to check your crawl space for moisture periodically. Many existing moisture barriers are not up to code* because they do not include taped seams. High moisture levels could indicate an ineffective or damaged barrier. We can help you determine if your existing moisture barrier meets current code standards and is effective for your space.

Vapor Barrier Installation in Birmingham AL

If your crawl space is missing a moisture barrier, or if you think it might need a new one, we suggest contacting the team at Crawlspace Medic®. Our vapor barrier installation services are available throughout Birmingham AL and the surrounding areas, including Birmingham, Alabaster, Bessemer, Helena, Homewood, Hoover, Indian Springs, Irondale, Leeds, Meadow Brook, Mountain Brook, Pelham and Vestavia. We also provide crawl space inspections, which can help you diagnose the cause of moisture problems in your crawl space.

For a typical moisture barrier installation, we install a 10 mil sheet of durable, long-lasting polyethylene. This ensures a great degree of moisture control compared to 6 mil barriers, as well as increased resistance to wear and tear. We also provide a range of additional moisture control options, including water damage repair and crawl space encapsulation systems.

Call Crawlspace Medic® at (205) 987-2858 to learn more about our vapor barrier installation services in Birmingham AL or to schedule an inspection of your crawl space.

*IRC Code R408.3 – Class 1 vapor retarder, joints of the vapor retarder shall overlap by 6 inches and shall be sealed or taped.

Contact Your Vapor Barrier Installation Experts in Birmingham

Our vapor barrier installation and crawl space inspection services at Crawlspace Medic® are provided throughout the Birmingham AL metro area, as well as in nearby cities and towns such as Birminham, Bessemer, Helena, Homewood,hoover, Indian Springs, Irondale, Leeds, Meadow Brook, Mountain Brook, Pelham and Vestavia.

Learn more about our vapor barrier installation services at Crawlspace Medic® by calling our Birmingham office at (205) 987-2858.