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Lexington Crawl Space Repair Services

Just living in Lexington SC, you understand what makes it special. You want to protect your home investment and make sure the foundation underneath the home is secure. The wooden substructure of your home in your crawl space can become neglected over time, though it is extremely important for your home’s health and longevity. Structural aspects of the substructure include girders, sills, joists, subfloors, and piers, and these aspects can change over the life of your home.

Crawlspace Medic of Columbia provides long term crawl space repairs for any issues your Lexington home’s substructure may have. Structural problems in your crawl space may include:

Whether you’ve neglected your crawl space or you’re buying a home, wood damage in crawl spaces is extremely common. Crawlspace Medic will offer expert long term solutions for crawl space repairs in Lexington, SC.

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