Foundation Repairs Correcting Cracks in Your Foundation

If you’re like most homeowners, you never want to hear the words “foundation repair.” Foundation damage can put your home at risk of severe structural problems. Worse yet, it can cost a large sum to repair.
Despite the high cost of foundation repair services, homeowners need to act quickly when they suspect damage to their home’s foundations. Left unattended, foundation damage will only get worse, putting your home at even greater risk and inflating the price tag attached to any repairs.
Worried that your home might be suffering from foundation damage? Here are six warning signs that homeowners should look out for that could signal the need for foundation repair.

Signs You Need Foundation Repair Services

Bowing or Cracked Walls

When a building starts to have problems with its foundation, it will place undue stress on the walls. Eventually, this will result in cracks or bowed areas in the wall. If you notice any structural issues with your home’s walls, it’s important that your home is quickly inspected by a foundation repair specialist.

Basement or Crawl Space Moisture

Many foundation issues are caused by improper drainage, which causes water to pool around your basement or crawl space. If (or when) cracks appear in your walls or floors, moisture will start to seep into your basement.

Pest or Mold Infestation

Pest and mold issues are a sign of high moisture levels inside of your basement. If you’ve noticed a pest or mold infestation, this could be the sign of hidden moisture problems.

Cracked or Tilted Chimney

In the same way that foundation problems can result in cracked or bowing walls, a faulty foundation can also result in a cracked or tilted chimney. If you notice structural problems with your chimney, you’ll want to schedule a foundation repair inspection.

Uneven Floors or Frames

If your home has sinking foundation piers, they won’t sink at the same rate. Instead, they will sink unevenly, with some sinking faster and further than others. This will often result in tilted or sagging floors, and it can also result in tilted door frames and window frames.

Sticking Doors or Windows

If doors or windows in your home start sticking, this is usually a sign that their frames have become tilted. The change in dimensions results in new pressure points, which cause doors and windows to stick instead of opening or closing.

Foundation Settlement

Cracks on the outside of your home are normally indicative of settlement. With Grip-Tite’s® Push Pier System, we’re able to lift the area of your home back to an acceptable level while adding permanent stabilization to your home.

Bowing Walls

Your masonry (brick, concrete or block walls) can fail over time, causing bowing to occur on the inside and/or outside of your home. With Grip-Tite’s® Wall Anchors, we’re able to pull and straighten your wall, relieving continued stress of the load of your home and permanently correcting the bowing.

Grip-Tite® Foundation Systems

Crawlspace Medic® is a professional and licensed installer of Grip-Tite® Push Pier and Wall Anchor systems. Using these systems, we’re able to warranty and guarantee that corrections to your foundation are permanent and effective.


Foundation Repair Services in Columbia SC

Have you noticed one of the above signs in your home? In that case, it’s time to call Columbia’s foundation repair experts at Crawlspace Medic®. Our team will perform a detailed inspection of your home and its foundations to diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for any necessary repairs. In addition to Columbia, our foundation inspection and repair services are also available in Forrest Acres, Lexington, and surrounding areas.

Call us today to book a foundation inspection from Crawlspace Medic® and learn more about our foundation repair services in Columbia, SC.

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