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Specializing in Basement Waterproofing & Structural Repairs – Crawl Space Vapor Barriers, Sump Pumps, French Drains, and Encapsulation.

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Crawl Space & Basement Services

Crawlspace Medic of Columbus is your local source for crawl space and basement repair and maintenance here in Ohio!

We’re locally owned and operated here in Columbus Ohio and understand the importance of your home’s health and the impact it has on your family.

Our inspection service will help find issues and solutions to ensure the health of your family and the integrity of your home.

Crawl Space & Basement Inspections

Our Inspectors understand construction, crawl spaces, and provide peace of mind. 

Crawl Space & Basement Repairs

From termite to water damage our experts have you and your home covered.

Crawl Space & Basement Waterproofing

The environment in your crawl space is crucially important to the air quality of your home.

Mr. Outman was at my house in less than 24 hrs after I called. Professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He told me I didn’t have a problem! Imagine that! Honest and much appreciated. I’d recommend Crawlspace Medic to everyone and if I ever need the service I know who to call. Thanks Mr. Outman.
This company is great. AJ Outman was very professional, helpful and very friendly. Our weiner dogs loved him! The information AJ provided was very helpful and will most likely be the reason we choose Crawlspace Medic of Columbus.
The amount of work they put in to my crawlspace was excellent and worth every penny spent. Between removal of everything and install of the support beam, concrete pads, new insulation and vapor barrier and surprise work with replacement of some actually floor joists and broken pipes I can’t recommend these guys enough.
..very professional and he was courteous, on time and he did a great job. I would recommend him to anyone. He encapsulated our crawl space. He insulated our crawl space and he repaired some structural damage for us.

Musty Basement? No Problem.

Our services help you to maintain a healthy basement or crawl space.

We can help you spot issues like mold, termites, or water damage before they cause further damage to your home. 

Don't live with a damp basement or wet crawl space.

Call Now & Schedule Your Inspection.

Our Services

Planning to move to Columbus? Already own a home in Columbus? Getting a professional crawl space or basement inspection can help you diagnose, repair, and prevent serious problems in a house’s foundation. Schedule your inspection today and receive a comprehensive report and remediation plan so you can be confident in the safety of your house.

Many homeowners consider a humid or musty basement or crawl space to be normal. But these are actually symptoms of a more serious problem. Left unchecked, excess moisture can lead to dangerous (and expensive) issues like dry rot, mold, and structural damage. Keeping your foundation dry is one of the most important ways to protect your home and your investment.

Heavy rains and melting snow here in Columbus can create serious problems in your basement or crawl space. Whether you have water damage, excess moisture, dry rot, or termite damage, problems in your basement or crawl space can lead to serious structural damage throughout the rest of your house.

Get a full inspection and remediation plan so you can protect the structural integrity of your house for years to come.

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