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French Drain Installation What is it & What to Expect?

At Crawlspace Medic® in Nashville, we answer a lot of questions from homeowners about everything from vapor barriers to dry rot concerns to crawl space encapsulation. One of the most common questions homeowners in the Nashville area ask us is about French drain installation. They may have heard the term but don’t know exactly why a French drain installation is needed or if they should be considering one for their home. Here’s a quick primer on what it is and why you may need a French drain installation for your Nashville area home.

Why Do Nashville Area Homes Need A French Drain Installation?

French drains in your crawl space

At its most basic level, a French drain installation will keep moisture away from your crawl space protecting your home from standing water, mold, wood rot, and a host of other very serious concerns. French drains are also commonly known as weeping tiles or rock drains.

The team from Crawlspace Medic can ensure proper installation that includes a trench along the foundation wall that is laid with slotted pipe and covered with gravel. When water enters the pipe it travels safely away to a drain that empties into a sump pump and is discharged a safe distance away from your home providing proper drainage and helping to maintain your property’s value.

Water isn't supposed to be in your crawl space

French drain installation is common in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and the surrounding communities because of the heavy rainfall we experience in Tennessee. The installation will make it possible for rain, surface or groundwater to be safely funneled away from the home. They are not seen from the outside and are installed along the interior wall of the crawl space or foundation.

Signs That Your Nashville Area Home Needs Proper Drainage

The best way to know if you may need a French drain installed is to call Crawlspace Medic. An inspector from our office in Nashville can come to your home to investigate your basement or crawlspace and provide expert advice on if an installation is needed. Some common signs to look out for that may indicate a French drain is needed include:

If you have experienced these signs or are just wanting to be sure your home is safe from excessive moisture, please call our office in Nashville today at (615) 716-1213. We can answer your questions about French drain installations and schedule an inspection at your convenience.