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Why Nashville Area Crawl Spaces Need a Vapor Barrier Prevent Moisture in Crawl Space

Crawl space moisture is a serious issue for many homeowners in , Nashville, TN. High moisture levels, which are usually caused by vapor from ground moisture, can result in a range of problems, including rot, rust, mold, and pest infestations. That’s why it’s so important that all crawl spaces in Nashville have an adequate vapor barrier in place.

Whether your home is missing a moisture barrier or you’re concerned that an existing moisture barrier is compromised, the team at Crawlspace Medic® can help. Below is a brief overview of why a moisture barrier is so important for your crawl space, along with your options for vapor barrier installation in Nashville.A vapor barrier or moisture barrier is a layer of thin plastic sheeting that prevents water vapor from entering your crawl space in Nashville. An effective vapor or moisture barrier will keep moisture in your crawl space at a healthy level, preventing damage and health concerns associated with high moisture levels.

Why Install a Vapor Barrier in Nashville?

Most crawl space problems can be traced to high moisture levels. Rotting wood and rusting pipes can be traced directly to moisture issues, while mold and pest infestations are both made more likely by excess moisture.

Given Tennessee’s humid climate, it’s important that all crawl spaces in Nashville have an effective moisture barrier in place. To see if you already have a moisture barrier, simply check whether there is plastic sheeting underneath your home. If you don’t see plastic sheeting, your home needs a moisture barrier installed.

Even if you already have a vapor barrier, your crawl space in Nashville might still have moisture problems and installation is likely not up to current building codes*. Most barrier installations do not include taping seams and therefore are not up to code. This could mean that your existing barrier is damaged or insufficiently thick for your crawl space. The minimum thickness for a moisture barrier is 6 mil, at which level a new barrier will block mild to moderate vapor levels. However, a 6 mil barrier will struggle with high vapor levels, and it will be vulnerable to wear and tear over time.

Vapor Barrier Installation in , Nashville, TN

If you need a new moisture barrier, or you’re concerned that your existing barrier isn’t working as well as it should, we suggest calling the team at Crawlspace Medic®. We offer crawl space inspection and vapor barrier installation services throughout Nashville, as well as in nearby communities like Brentwood and Franklin.

Our crawl space inspections at Crawlspace Medic® give homeowners in Nashville an easy way of diagnosing the severity and cause of crawl space moisture problems, and to determine whether a barrier installation is an appropriate fix. If you require a moisture barrier installation, our team will make sure that your crawl space receives adequate protection. Our typical moisture barrier installations include a 10 mil polyethylene barrier with taped seams and spiked in place, which is more effective and long-lasting compared to 6 mil barrier.

Learn more about vapor barrier installation services from Crawlspace Medic® by calling our , Nashville, TN office at (615) 716-1213.

*  IRC Code R408.3 – Class 1 vapor retarder, joints of the vapor retarder shall overlap by 6 inches and shall be sealed or taped.