Moisture can wreak havoc on your home in several different ways, which is why keeping it protected is crucial. An often-overlooked place where moisture can creep in and do damage to your home is in its crawl space. When moisture gets into a crawl space, it can attract pests and cause significant damage to your foundation. With the proven crawl space encapsulation services that we offer to Leland, NC area homeowners, we protect local crawl spaces by effectively regulating their moisture levels.

Why choose encapsulation? We’re glad you asked. Among all of the moisture remediation services out there, encapsulation is one of the most effective. Our encapsulation services regulate the moisture levels in local crawl spaces with the installation of a protective barrier that will seal its floors, vents, and other areas, if needed. With the combination of this barrier and a dehumidifier, you can have lasting protection from moisture that could otherwise damage your home.

The Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation in Leland

There are many benefits that come with choosing the encapsulation services that we offer at Crawlspace Medic®. Here’s a short list of just a few of the many ways that our encapsulation systems help Leland area homeowners:

Pest Prevention

Termites are one of the biggest ongoing threats to your home. These pests, like many other pests, are attracted to dark, damp spaces, which is why regulating the moisture levels in your crawl space is crucial. By protecting your crawl space with one of our encapsulation systems, you’ll be taking a significant step toward achieving and maintaining a pest-free home.

Reduced Structural Risk

In addition to attracting pests, moisture can cause significant damage to your home’s foundation. Moisture that gets into your crawl space can damage your floor, and cause warping and rot in other structural sections of your home. To prevent this and keep your home structurally sound, the protection offered by our encapsulation service is essential.

Improved Air Quality

Mold and mildew can quickly develop in damp areas, which is another reason to keep your crawl space protected from moisture. More than half of the air in your home in Leland comes from your crawl space. With our crawl space encapsulation systems, we’ll prevent mold from developing to maintain a high standard of air quality in your house.

Leland’s Local Crawl Space Encapsulation Experts at Crawlspace Medic

We take pride in serving our community. Here are the areas that we serve:

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