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Any crawl space should receive regular inspections. Unfortunately, most homeowners either avoid inspecting their crawl space or don’t know what to look for when they do. Generally, it’s easier and more effective to get a professional crawl space inspection in Wilmington.

But when is the right time to have your crawl space inspected?

Here’s a quick guide to help Wilmington area homeowners answer that question.

What Does a Crawl Space Inspection in Wilmington Cover?

When your crawl space receives a professional inspection from Crawlspace Medic®, our technicians look for three important things:

  • The first and most severe is signs of structural damage. If load-bearing components have suffered structural damage, they will need to be repaired, replaced, or reinforced as soon as possible.
  • The second is non-structural damage that doesn’t require a major repair. Often, this type of damage needs to be fixed early to prevent it from developing into structural damage.
  • The third is signs of mold, pests, or moisture issues. While these issues may not threaten the structure of your crawl space, they need to be treated to keep your home healthy. Moreover, if they’re allowed to linger, they’ll increase the risk of structural damage.

Our technicians will also check for the existence of a functioning vapor barrier. A vapor barrier is a must for any home in Wilmington built with a crawl space. If you have a vapor barrier, we’ll check for tears and unsealed seams.

At the end of each inspection, we provide a detailed report, including written comments and photo documentation. We are known throughout Wilmington for our meticulous documentation, which can prove invaluable for insurance claims and legal matters.

When is it Time for Crawl Space Inspection in Wilmington?

So when should homeowners in Wilmington actually schedule a crawl space inspection? At Crawlspace Medic®, we suggest having your crawl space inspected in these three scenarios:

  • When you’re buying or selling a home. Sellers will want to make sure that crawl space issues don’t derail a potential sale, while buyers will want to make sure that they’re not taking on a five-figure or six-figure repair.
  • When you suspect crawl space problems. Suspect that your crawl space has termites, black mold, or pests? A professional inspection will tell you whether you’re right and how to fix the problem.
  • When it’s been a while since your last inspection. We recommend an annual inspection for most crawl spaces. This way, it’s much harder for termite damage, dry rot, black mold, and other problems to develop out of sight.

In addition to Wilmington, Crawlspace Medic® performs inspections throughout the surrounding areas. Our complete service area includes communities like Leland, Southport, Castle Hayne, Hampstead, and Rocky Point.

Book a crawl space inspection in Wilmington, NC today by calling Crawlspace Medic® at (910) 726-9424!

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