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Does My Home Need Structural Repairs?

Why Your Home Might Need Structural Repair

For the most part, the structure and substructures of our homes are built to last. But sometimes weather, pests, and other outside forces can do damage that the original builders or engineers didn’t anticipate.

The fact is, like many other parts of our home, the wooden substructure requires regular inspections. At Crawlspace Medic®, we know that it’s easy to procrastinate on getting this type of work done. But getting assistance from trusted professionals can help you avoid structural repair down the line.

The substructure and foundation of your home help distribute the load and weight of your house. The structure creates its shape and acts as a skeleton. Over time, there are countless factors that might affect the structure and substructure of your home. These issues can build up and start to compromise the integrity and the look of your Columbia home, meaning you may need to get structural repairs.

Excess moisture creates a conducive environment for termites, mold and rot. Whether you’re looking at a one-time event like a flood or long-term, water-related issues like poor drainage and high moisture. Like any physical health problems, one of the best ways to address structural damage is a strong prevention strategy. For example, Crawlspace Medic® provides comprehensive home inspection services to help you understand whether you have moisture problems, if the wood in your substructure is degrading, or what other proactive measures you may need to take.

The Structural Soundness of Your Home is No Joke

For most homeowners, knowledge is power. With a regular home inspection (we recommend two per year), you can better understand some of the issues that might be present on your property.

Crawlspace Medic® can test the wood quality of your substructure and help you understand if you need structural repairs. We can also let you know how to take affordable preventative measures, from moisture control to termite treatments, to avoid the need for deeper repairs in the first place.


Our combined experience results in decades’ worth of expertise and insights that we bring to home repair and home safety.

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